What happens in Riverdale 3x22? TERRIFYING finale episode trailer is here

9 May 2019, 12:47

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The core four face off against the Gargoyle King and Cheryl attempts to escape the Farm in the trailer for Riverdale season 3, episode 22.

The extended trailer for the Riverdale season 3 finale is finally here and, in what might be the absolute understatement of the century, everyone is in danger.

Episode 21 left us with several questions about what could happen in the final episode: What will happen to Betty? Will Alice escape? Will Cheryl escape?! What sinister games is Edgar playing? Is he behind the Gargoyle King? Is he working with the Black Hood? Is the literally dead Jason the Gargoyle King? IS JASON STILL ALIVE?!

The next episode of Riverdale, titled 'Apocalypto', will air on Wednesday May 15th.

What happens in the Riverdale season 3 finale? Here's everything we know so far...

The synopsis for the episode reads: "After receiving mysterious invitations, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead band together to confront the evils of their past once and for all. Meanwhile, chaos ensues at The Farm after Edgar makes a chilling announcement."

What will happen in Riverdale 3x22? Here's a closer look at the extended promo trailer for the season 3 finale episode...

Riverdale season 3, episode 22 trailer: First look at the terrifying finale episode
Riverdale season 3, episode 22 trailer: First look at the terrifying finale episode. Picture: The CW

Dear Core Four, The Gargoyle King formally requests your presence for a final showdown.

First things first, it looks like Betty escapes The Farm after all... (or does she?!) The Gargoyle King sends a TOP SECRET invitation to the core four, bringing them all back together for a game of spin the bottle in the forest. Well, actually, it looks like they might be in Pickens Park because that tree? It definitely looks like the "Devil's Hand" tree that popped up in conversation around The Black Hood in season 2.

Six chalices filled with blue liquid are placed on a tree stump with a quest card and a bottle of Blossom Maple Farms Syrup. Nothing like a sinister game of Spin The Bottle in the middle of the night - but who are the other two cups for?

The squad also come across what looks like a clearing in the ground full of skulls and Archie ends up in a huge fight against someone? Is it the Gargoyle King? Or is it the Black Hood?


Black Hood + The Gargoyle King?

Hal Cooper's status was confirmed as alive (sadly) in episode 21 after it was revealed that he literally sawed his own hand off in a bid to fake his death. In the trailer, he pulls off his mask as he says "I will kill you and your friends" but who the f*ck is he talking to? And also why is he standing next to a Gargoyle figure? AND WHERE IS HE?


Meanwhile at the Farm...

Toni has managed to escape and has made it back to Thistlehouse where the number one Antoinette Topaz stan Nana Rose Blossom helps her recover. It also looks like she's rallied the Serpent and Pretty Poison troops for a Farm Rescue as she's seen running around the forecourt of Thistlehouse next to a truck full of arrows.

Cheryl, meanwhile, is still very much at the Farm and in danger. She's restrained after entering Edgar's office and then approaches Kevin and Fangs to let them know that they are busting out.

Edgar tells Alice that "ascension is upon us" which is VERY alarming, considering what we know about ascension in relation to Gryphons and Gargoyles. Alice approaches Edgar in his office while Kevin can be seen sat surrounded by white outfits on the floor. They're doing it, aren't they? A mass poisoning? I'M SCARED!



Following Ethel's shock confession that the absolutely 100% totally dead Jason Blossom is apparently the Gargoyle King, anyone with red hair is a suspect - which is why this shot of a guy with red hair emerging from the forest with the Gryphons and Gargoyle symbols tattooed on to his skin is terrifying.

But who could it be? Is it Archie? Is it actually Jason? Or could it be... Chic?

Based on the fact that his all but confirmed appearance in the season is still yet to happen, it could honestly be Chic. Has he dyed his hair in order to pose as Jason as part of Edgar's hallucination plot? (Remember the tattoo artist and what he said about the guy with 'sandy hair'?!)

(Full disclosure, if it does turn out to be Archie, I'm gonna press charges for excessive vandalism of his torso.)