8 burning questions that need to be answered in 13 Reasons Why season 4

30 August 2019, 08:10

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Is Monty actually alive? Will Winston bring down the group? Will Tony be reunited with his family? Here are our burning questions ahead of 13 Reasons Why season 4.

13 Reasons Why season 3 was a wild ride. There's no denying that. The mystery of who killed Bryce Walker dominated the 13 new episodes. However, as that mystery drew to a close, even more unanswered questions rose to the surface ahead of season 4. With the group's fate seriously up in the air and Ani's carefully concocted story at risk of unravelling thanks to Winston, season 4 could be 13 Reasons Why's most tense outing yet.

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There were plenty of burning questions we had after watching that intense season 3 finale, so here are a few that need to be answered in the show's 4th and final season.

Warning, major 13 Reasons Why season 3 spoilers ahead.

How exactly did Monty de la Cruz die and...is he actually dead?

Deputy Standall revealed that Monty had been killed in his jail cell during the season 3 finale. You know what they say about off-screen deaths, though. Don't believe anything unless you've seen the body.

If Monty is dead, audiences will need to see/hear the specifics of that in the new season. And, if Monty is actually alive, we have even more questions. Some fans are already theorising that Monty could be alive in season 4 and we're stressed out just thinking about it.

Monty de la Cruz
Monty de la Cruz. Picture: Netflix

Is Winston really going to try and get justice for Monty?

Unless we totally over-analysed that scene between Ani and Winston in the finale, Winston really seems to think that Monty deserved better than to be framed for Bryce's death. Fans of the show are already guessing that Winston could bring down Ani and the group's fragile house of cards by going public as Monty's alibi in season 4.

If that happens, all bets are off because EVERYONE will be at risk–including Zach, Alex and Deputy Standall.

Winston 13 Reasons Why
Winston 13 Reasons Why. Picture: Netflix

Will Clay and Tony take the fall for the guns pulled from the river or will Tyler be found out?

The final scene in season 3 saw a net of guns being pulled out of the river, which spells bad news for Tony, Clay, and Tyler. Just when we thought Tyler was moving forward, that chilling night at the school dance threatens to rear its ugly head once more.

The threat of an obstruction charge looms heavy for both Clay and Tony (and let's not forget that Tony has two strikes against him). Unfortunately, all of Tyler's progress could be undone if his school shooting plans are revealed. Let's just say this mess won't be easy to clean up. Another job for Deputy Standall, perhaps?

13 Reasons Why guns Tyler
13 Reasons Why guns Tyler. Picture: Netflix Screeshot

Will Ani narrate again in season 4?

Well, the verdict is in on Ani Achola in season 3 and she does not appear to be a fan favourite as narrator. Grace Saif did well in the role, however, fans did not immediately warm to the character. She'll almost certainly return for season 3, but will she be narrator again?

Inquiring minds are dying to know.

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Ani Grace Saif
Ani Grace Saif. Picture: Netflix

Will Tony's family be reunited after their tragic ICE storyline?

In season 3 Tony's family were taken by immigration officials in an especially poignant and culturally relevant storyline. Tony is left all alone and has to work hard so he can earn enough money to send back to his family. Unfortunately, this is not resolved by the end of the season and we see Tony and his boyfriend communicating with his parents over a video call.

Though the storyline did not get a ton of attention this season, we're hoping there is some kind of positive and realistic development for Tony's family.

Tony Clay ICE season 3
Tony Clay ICE season 3. Picture: Netflix

Will Ani and Clay actually date?

Clay and Ani definitely had something this past season. They kissed more than once , Clay gave her a bike, and Ani risked it all to keep Clay out of jail for a crime he didn't commit.

Clay has met Ani's mother and the pair seem to have a ton in common. So, will they finally and officially date in season 4? All signs point to maybe.

Ani and Clay season 3
Ani and Clay season 3. Picture: Netflix

Will we see Chloe or Sheri again?

If you've been a fan of 13 Reasons Why since season 1, you undoubtedly noticed the season 3 absence of Sheri (played by Ajiona Alexus). Will we see her again before the show wraps in season 4? That remains to be seen. With reoccurring roles in Light As A Feather and Runaways, Ajiona Alexus is booked AND busy.

As for Chloe...she's at another school and the gang are set to graduate next year. A storyline choice might demand her appearance but it doesn't look like she'll play a huge role after Bryce's death.

Sheri 13 reasons why season 3
Sheri 13 reasons why season 3. Picture: Netflix

Could one of the core characters end up in prison?

Look. We're dealing with crimes, okay? Tyler had illegal firearms and planned to shoot up Liberty High, Clay and Tony covered it up, Justin buys heroin and Oxy on the regular, Zach and Alex straight up killed someone, and Deputy Standall covered it up.

Crimes! Are! Happening!

Season 4 is the year the gang graduate high school but will they all manage to avoid the messes they've been cultivating for three seasons? We shall see.

Netflix 13 reasons why season 3
Netflix 13 reasons why season 3. Picture: Netflix

Will Deputy Standall lose his job?

Deputy Standall is no innocent in all this mess. He and his son are involved in an elaborate cover-up and it's not clear whether the group will be able to protect their secret in season 4.

Could Deputy Standall be out of a job in season 4? His job may be a casualty in the situation after destroying evidence in the finale.

Deputy Standall 13 Reasons Why
Deputy Standall 13 Reasons Why. Picture: Netflix