Drag Race UK's Victoria Scone reveals she sustained painful injury during lip sync

30 September 2021, 21:24

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Does Victoria Scone leave Drag Race UK?

Victoria Scone's place in RuPaul's Drag Race UK hangs in the balance after she sustained an injury on her knee.

Last week, Victoria lip-synced for the win – a first in Drag Race UK herstory – against Krystal Versace. Victoria hit the floor for a knee slide during the energetic routine and unfortunately ended up injuring herself in the process.

In the second episode, it's revealed that Victoria has been taken away to be checked over by doctors. The doctors found swelling on her knee and instructed her to not wear heels and stay off of it.

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Victoria Scone may be forced to cut her Drag Race UK journey short after injuring her knee.
Victoria Scone may be forced to cut her Drag Race UK journey short after injuring her knee. Picture: BBC

Then, in this week’s maxi challenge, the queens were tasked with performing a dance workout routine for RuPaul's DRAGOTON choreographed by dancer and presenter Oti Mabuse. The queens were split into three teams to cover different sections: Ride Or Dies, Ballbusters and Babycize.

However, the tough dance moves only exacerbated Victoria's condition, which meant she was unable to perform some of the choreography. "I'm a little bit in pain. I probably pushed it too far in rehearsal yesterday," Victoria told the girls. "When I went off it had blown up a bit. I'm going to have to do this routine sat down. I feel gutted, but I'm going to give it my best. I'm going to give you a show from the waist up."

And Victoria did exactly that. Despite her ailment, she powered through the routine, sailing through the challenge and into next week.

However, following the tense elimination, RuPaul called Victoria on stage and revealed that she would be getting further medical attention. "Victoria, I applaud you for working through your pain this week. However, your knee injury requires additional evaluation. Tomorrow morning you will leave our set and, depending on what the doctors say, we will decide whether it's safe for you to continue in this competition," Ru said.

"I want you here. But, more than anything, I want you safe."

Will Victoria be forced to pull out of the competition? We will have to see next week…

Head to the PopBuzz YouTube Channel this weekend to watch the eliminated queen break down her time on the show and nominate her fellow queens in the Drag Race Yearbook.

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