Drag Race's Maddy Morphosis' has a girlfriend and she does drag too

31 January 2022, 16:08

Meet Drag Race’s first cishet queen Maddy Morphosis

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Sorry ladies, Maddy Morphosis is off the market.

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We've found Maddy Morphosis' girlfriend Jennifer Standridge and she just might be the inspiration behind her drag persona.

ICYMI, Maddy is a contestant on season 14 of RuPaul's Drag Race. The series is currently in full swing and Maddy has already made a huge impact on the cast and fans because of her interesting backstory.

Maddy is the first cisgender heterosexual contestant in the show's history. Her place in the competition has been a hot topic on the show, with some believing that straight people should not be featured. However, the other queens have welcomed Maddy into the fold with open arms.

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Drag Race's Maddy Morphosis' has a girlfriend and she does drag too
Drag Race's Maddy Morphosis' has a girlfriend and she does drag too. Picture: @maddymorphosis via Instagram, @themissliza via Instagram

In episode 3, Maddy revealed that she has a girlfriend of four years and people have been desperate to find out the lucky woman's identity. Well, we can now reveal that Maddy is currently in a relationship with a young woman named Jennifer Standridge.

Jennifer, who is bisexual, appears to be heavily involved within the drag community and performs under the name of Liza the Queen. Maddy even met Jennifer while still in drag. In episode 3, Maddy said: "She's honestly my biggest supporter. The first time she ever met me I was in drag."

Although Jennifer and Maddy keep their romance lowkey on social media, Jennifer – who won the Miss Missouri USofA Diva pageant in 2018 and Miss Oklahoma Bold & Beautiful title in 2021 – says that she's the "mother of two" cats that she co-parents with Maddy and calls herself "maddy morphosis' beard" on Twitter. Maddy has also shared photos with her on her Instagram page (You can follow Jennifer on @themissliza.)

Liza The Queen.
Liza The Queen. Picture: @themissliza via Instagram

According to Gossip Next Door, Jennifer isn't just a drag performer either. She's currently completing her degree in Biology and Psychology at University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, as well as working as a Research Assistant in the Mechanisms of Creative Cognition.

Petition to get Jennifer on DRS13?! I think so.