Drag Race UK: RuPaul suggested Le Fil do Posh Spice with a Chinese accent for Snatch Game

31 October 2022, 17:29

Drag Race UK's Le Fil Reveals RuPaul's Controversial Snatch Game Idea | Drag Race Yearbook

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

In an interview with PopBuzz, Drag Race UK star Le Fil reveals RuPaul's idea for his Snatch Game character

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Drag Race UK queen Le Fil has revealed that RuPaul suggested they should do "Posh Spice with a Chinese accent" in the Snatch Game challenge.

On this week's episode, the queens of Drag Race UK season 4 took on Snatch Game, the iconic challenge where queens must impersonate a celebrity or character.

Sadly for Le Fil, their performance of Marie Kondo missed the mark and they ended up in the bottom two, eventually losing the lip sync to Black Peppa and sashaying out of the competition.

Throughout Snatch Game's history, RuPaul is known to make suggestions to the queens about what character might perform best. And in a new interview with PopBuzz on the Drag Race Yearbook following their elimination, Le Fil revealed that Ru suggested they try the other character they had prepared, Posh Spice from the Spice Girls, but with a Chinese accent.

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Le Fil - This Is My Culture (Music Video)

Watch the music video for Le Fil's new single 'This Is My Culture' above.

Le Fil, who is British-Chinese from Brighouse, and described himself as "androgynous Asian sensation" in his Meet The Queens video, made the revelation after being asked by PopBuzz presenter Yshee Black if RuPaul had made any suggestions about which character do to in the Snatch Game.

"It was suggested I do Posh Spice with a Chinese accent," Le Fil said, before joking, "because that's what I would be good at."

"And because there's that mantra, make Ru laugh, I was like, 'OK I'll think about it'. And then I thought about it and I was like, no."

Le Fil continued: "I wanted to spark joy. That's all I ever wanted to do. So Marie has that thing, and I wanted Asian representation on this game."

Referencing other British-Asian performers, like Sum Ting Wong and River Medway, Le Fil added: "Snatch Game has been the game where literally every Asian person has left, so I needed to bring that representation to here, and to have fun with her."

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In an Instagram post today (Oct 31), Le Fil thanked RuPaul and Drag Race UK, for having them on the show.

"On this, my elimination week, I want to thank @dragraceukbbc and @rupaul for having me on this amazing show," they said. "I’m not a traditional drag queen. For me, drag is about the amplification of our authentic self. First and foremost I’m a pop artist and I’m an androgynous femme boy. I wanted to show how these worlds overlap, like a Venn diagram where my art, gender expression and drag race could meet in the middle to create something new, fresh and innovative."

Le Fil finished by saying: "This journey has been two years in the making, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share my art to the world. I’ve been doing all this for a long time, so it’s lovely that the Drag Race magnifying glass has moved my way. All KILLER, No Le FILLER."

To watch the full interview with Le Fil, hit play on the video at the top of this article.