39 brutal Game of Thrones memes and reactions about season 8, episode 4 (Recap)

6 May 2019, 13:07

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"I don't know what’s worse - Missandei’s death, Rhaegal’s death, or the fact that nobody pet Ghost."

Now that we've all (barely) recovered from last week's Battle of Winterfell, Game of Thrones returned with another episode that truly solidified the fact that none of us have any clue where this is all going to end up.

Season 8, episode 4 (titled 'The Last of the Starks') saw Daenerys' army head south to face Cersei Lannister's men. The episode also featured two huge devastating deaths, the abandonment of Ghost (!), Brienne of Tarth's first sex scene (!!), a proposal and a proposal rejection (!!!), some more Sansa side-eye and of course, Cersei back on her despicable bullshit. (No, like seriously, this time she really crossed the line.)

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Those two deaths in question? Arguably more devastating that anyone who died in the previous episode (no offence, Jorah) and the memes are here to prove it. Talk about kicking you while you're down, ffs.

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Game of Thrones recap: The best memes from season 8, episode 4
Game of Thrones recap: The best memes from season 8, episode 4. Picture: HBO

We begin this episode by mourning the dead, who are set to be burned. Daenerys says goodbye to Ser Jorah and Sansa says goodbye to Theon, placing her wolf pin - the Stark sigil - on him as a thank you for being loyal to her family. RIP TO THEON AND JORAH OF HOUSE FRIENDZONE.

Anyway, cut to the wake. Everyone is drinking, celebrating the lives of the dead and stanning Arya Stark for doing the damn thing. Out of nowhere, Daenerys ominously pulls Gendry up on his ancestry and then decides to make him a Lord! He's Lord Gendry Baratheon now! Wig! (That's 100% gonna backfire on him at some point but for now, GOOD FOR HIM!)

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After surviving the battle, everyone is getting horny again. Lord Gendry heads off to find Arya. Jaime, Tyrion, Brienne and Podrick are off their faces on wine. They're playing Never Have I Ever which swiftly uncovers the fact that Brienne is a virgin. Jaime is intrigued... more on that later.

Amidst all the fun and frolics, Haver-of-no-friends-in-the-North Daenerys is left alone while everyone worships Jon and is giving him clout of riding the dragon. She's pressed. And you know what that means... Mad Queen incoming.

Arya rejects Gendry's proposal

Gendry sets off to look for Arya, you know, so he can "thank her". While on his way to shoot his shot, she almost shoots him, as he finds her with a bow and arrow.

He tells her that he's a Lord now and she's impressed! Things really are looking up! The D got an upgrade! But things swiftly go down hill when Gendry gets on his knee and proposes to her. (Yes, he really proposed after one night of sex.) He loves her and he wants her to rule by his side as his Lady.

But Arya rejects his proposal, sticking to her Independent Woman flex and echoing her words from season one, “I’m not a lady, I never have been. That’s not me.”

Gendry really thought him and Arya could be Westeros' power couple but little did he know, the only power couple in Westeros is Arya and her dragonglass dagger.

Jaime and Brienne finally have sex

After letting the squad know that she needed a piss, Jaime follows Brienne and finds her in her chambers. They start drinking and chatting again. "Is the North growing on you?" Brienne asks. “Only one thing is growing on me,” Jaime replies. WAHEYYYY! Nothing like a post-battle sexual innuendo, am I right?

Jaime pulls a Nelly and keeps making the age old convenient point that it's hot in herre so he starts taking off all his clothes... but he’s only got one hand! Brienne helps him and then HE starts talking her clothes off! It all gets a bit heated! Shirts are OFF! Breathing is HEAVY! I am SCREAMING!

Jaime says “I’ve never slept with a knight before,” but what he actually meant was “I’ve never slept with anyone who isn’t my evil twin sister before” and then he kisses her.

(Also, that's literally where the scene cut. After 84 years of waiting for Jaime and Brienne, it was naught but a kiss. Sad!)

After promising he'd keep it a secret, Jon Snow tells everyone about his true parentage

At this point in the game, Daenerys and Jon know full well that they’re aunt and nephew AND YET, the smooching continues. She has a plan - don't tell anyone, and we can just carry on as normal. He's not into it. He has to tell his family! He's sure they can work it out! He owes it to them!

So he does. After Sansa and Arya start beefing with Jon over his blind loyalty to Dany, they start calling him out on family values. “I’ve never been a Stark,” he says and Arya’s like, "YES YOU HAVE! YOU'RE MY BROTHER!" He can't hold it in any longer so he gets Bran to spill the tea.

Jon tells Bran to tell Sansa and Arya and then Sansa tells Tyrion who later tells Varys, Westeros' Gossip Girl. Eight people now know Jon's true identity. And just like that, the secret that Ned Stark took to his grave is suddenly breaking news on every raven's scroll.

Oh, and at some point between the events of Jon's bombshell and everyone leaving to go and fight Cersei in the south, Bronn shows up with his crossbow but fails to kill Jaime and Tyrion.

Here's a dramatic reenactment of his arrival:

Jon heads south and doesn't give a proper goodbye to Ghost

Well, that's it. Despite not listening to Sansa during a war meeting, Dany decides it's time for everyone to start heading south to attack Cersei.

The Hound and Arya leave Winterfell on horses - and they don't plan on ever coming back. Dany takes the dragons. The Free Folk are going home. Jon takes the army and has an emotional goodbye with his broski for life Sam and Gilly, who is pregnant! Yaaaaay!

Just as Jon leaves Winterfell, our beloved Ghost appears to see him off. He survived the battle, but lost an ear and got beat in the process but he's doing ok. Jon clocks him and gives him a sad look before walking off... NOT EVEN BOTHERING TO SAY GOODBYE. He never deserved that Direwolf, man. Never. This is the saddest thing that's ever happened on Game of Thrones. I'm sick!

Rhaegal is shot and killed by Euron Greyjoy

Everyone is sailing to the south and Daenerys is minding her own business on the dragons up in the sky when - OUT OF ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE - Rhaegal gets shot. As Dany rounds the corner, she sees Euron's fleet with several giant crossbows, ready to aim at Drogon. Somehow, Euron managed to kill one from behind a rock, but can’t sink a single arrow into Dragon as he flies straight toward the boats.

Drogon escapes, but the rest of Dany's fleet aren't so lucky. The arrows destroy their boats, Tyrion jumps overboard and Missandei runs to hide. The crew wash up on the shore but Missandei is missing.

Jaime leaves Brienne to head south for Cersei

Just when you thought Jaime and Brienne were finally all systems go, you thought WRONG. After hearing news that Cersei was back on her bullshit and had destroyed most of their army, Jaime decides he has to go back to King's Landing.

He spends one more night with Brienne, and then sneaks out as she's sleeping. She wakes up and confronts him in the snow, in her dressing gown. He tells her that he's off, for Cersei, and she begs him to stay. But he leaves her crying in the courtyard. Brienne? Crying over a man! How could you, writers?! HOW COULD YOU?

Tyrion tries to reason with the unreasonable Cersei... again.

Dany posts up outside the Red Keep with her army of 25 soldiers, Tyrion and Greyworm. Qyburn opens the gates and walks toward Tyrion to organise some kind of understanding. Big T wants Cersei to surrender and kneel to Dany. Big Q wants Dany to kneel to Cersei and surrender... or the girl GETS it.

The negotiation fails so Tyrion speaks to his sister directly. He tries it, he really does. He pulls out every trick in the book, including the mention of her current unborn child, knowing full well how much Cersei loves her children. Her emotions are compromised for 2.5 seconds before she realises that she couldn't give a FUCK!

Next to her, is a very confused Euron who is currently wondering how Tyrion knows Cersei is pregnant considering she only told him twenty minutes go. Ooop!

Missandei is killed by The Mountain

All negotiations failed and Cersei has had enough. She turns to Missandei, who is shackled atop the walls of the Red Keep and tells her that it's time for her last words. Missandei is about to fucking die and this is not what deserves.

Just before The Mountain swings and takes her head clean off her body, she uses her whole chest to shout her last words: Dracarys. Grey Worm can't watch, Tyrion is defeated but Daenerys? Oh, she's ON one. Mad Queen confirmed.

So, in summary...

And also, in conclusion.