Marnie Simpson & Casey Johnson Reveal Baby Plans After Visiting Fertility Clinic

11 September 2018, 10:32

Marnie and Casey have been planning a child together.
Marnie and Casey have been planning a child together. Picture: Instagram

The Geordie Shore star is planning to have a child with her singer boyfriend very soon.

It looks like things are getting even more serious for Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson – the couple have visited a fertility clinic to prepare for them to have a baby in the next year.

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Speaking to Now, Marnie admitted she had been worried the years of boozing on Geordie Shore might have affected her ability to have children, so the couple got themselves checked out.

She revealed, “We are thinking about starting a family soon and wanted to make sure we are both able to have kids. I’m just a bit worried all those years getting mortal on Geordie Shore may have done some damage.”

Marnie also revealed some rather graphic details about their tests, confessing, “[Casey] had to give a sample and was in and out within seconds. It just must have been the vintage 80s magazines.”

Although she is just 26 and Casey is 23-years-old, the couple are eager to start their family sooner rather than later. She revealed, “Maybe next year. He’d like one now but I’m going to wait.

“I think 27 would be a good age. I’ve always wanted a little boy – I think it’s because my family are all girls.”

Despite putting plans in place for their future pregnancy, Marnie also admitted the couple are leaving getting pregnant up to chance.

She revealed in an Instagram Q&A, “I take each day as it comes so I don’t make plans! I’m not on contraception atm so I guess it’s up to Mother Nature.”

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