Paul Rudd and Tom Holland want an Ant-Man & Spider-Man MCU crossover

17 February 2023, 16:23

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Paul Rudd and Tom Holland together in the MCU WHEN?!

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Scott Lang SZN is officially back upon us with the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (Feb 17), and for those of you who have been wanting to see him and Peter Parker team up in a Marvel movie, Paul Rudd echoes those sentiments.

At the start of Quantumania, there's a brief scene where Scott Lang pops into a coffee shop and is given free coffee because the owner has mistaken him for Spider-Man. (They're both bug superheroes! It's an easy mistake to make!)

That line of dialogue got us thinking: Aside from the airport fight scene in Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man and Spider-Man have never had a scene together in the MCU. (Paul and Tom didn't even film that scene together. They met for the first time at the film's UK premiere.)

Their pair also didn't interact in any Endgame scenes either, so when PopBuzz sat down with Paul for a chat about Quantumania, we had to ask the big question: What the hell do we have to do to get Ant-Man and Spider-Man together in a film?

Paul Rudd reveals he and Tom Holland want an Ant-Man x Spider-Man MCU team up
Paul Rudd reveals he and Tom Holland want an Ant-Man x Spider-Man MCU team up. Picture: Samir Hussein/WireImage, Karwai Tang/WireImage

Thankfully, that very pressing matter has also been on Paul and Tom's minds, and Paul revealed that they have already spoken about their hopes to one day work together in a future MCU project.

"We've talked about it actually, he's a great guy," Paul said. "Yeah, early on I think we were saying, 'Gosh, I'd love to- It'd be fun to have some crossover.' It makes sense!"

While it does make a lot of sense for the two characters to unite, Paul didn't divulge in what way they wanted to see it happen, or if bossman Kevin Feige was also in on those important conversations because, ya know, Marvel secrets and all that...

In true Paul Rudd fashion, the actor then steered the conversation to joke about the relationship between spiders and ants within nature, in real life. Watch the clip below.

Paul Rudd and Tom Holland want Ant-Man and Spider-Man to team up in the MCU

Paul is currently unsure about the future of Ant-Man in the MCU, but admittedly, it's because he doesn't actually know anything yet.

However, with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty coming up, and Kang being heavily involved in the Quantum Realm, Scott Lang will no doubt pop up again at some point in the next few years as that storyline progresses.

Kevin Feige has also recently confirmed that Marvel Studios is getting started on writing Spider-Man 4, which will see Tom return as Peter Parker for his fourth solo film.

So, it might be a while until we see Ant-Man and Spider-Man being chaotic together on-screen, but it's definitely be worth the wait when it finally happens.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is in cinemas now.

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