World Exclusive: Paul Mescal On Training For Gladiator II

9 July 2024, 08:17 | Updated: 9 July 2024, 13:40

Paul Mescal’s on training for Gladiator II and his iconic fashion taste

By Kathryn Knight

Paul Mescal spoke to Capital Breakfast about how he prepared for his role in Gladiator II.

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Paul Mescal stars in Gladiator II alongside Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Connie Nielsen and Joseph Quinn and just as hype is beginning to build for the movie, Paul caught up with Capital Breakfast host Jordan North to spill on his upcoming role in a world exclusive interview.

Jordan told Paul: “There’s lots of swords in this film, we need to talk about the guns as well.”

Hilariously, Paul added: “There’s lots of guns, well, we were going to keep that under wraps. Oh, my guns?!” He laughed: “Right. Them guns, yeah.”

Gladiator II comes out in cinemas in November
Gladiator II comes out in cinemas in November. Picture: Param

Paul explained: “It’s a first world problem. I had every amenity available, I had a great trainer, people telling me to eat, when to eat. It’s just a byproduct. You have to train hard to be in a film like this and I kind of loved it.”

He added: “It’s tiresome at moments.”

Paul reminded listeners the dedication to the role is imperative in making the film’s audience believe in his character.

He went on: “You’ve got to be careful within the context of this. I had the best trainer in the world, I had the studio and production supporting me in this all and you want to provide a character and a template that allows people’s imaginations to be activated.

Paul Mescal spoke to Capital Breakfast about his upcoming role
Paul Mescal spoke to Capital Breakfast about his upcoming role. Picture: Getty

“You have to make an audience believe this is somebody that would survive intense violence throughout the film and you’re not gonna survive that if you’re somebody just running around Hackney.”

Paul and Jordan also spoke about the actor’s iconic short shorts, encouraging him to incorporate neckerchiefs into his stylish wardrobe too.

Gladiator II comes out in cinemas on 15th November.

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