Amber Turner Breaks Silence After Chloe Sims Declares Her Love For Dan Edgar On The Only Way Is Essex

25 March 2019, 16:33

Amber Turner is glad to be rid of Dan Edgar's 'bad energy'
Amber Turner is glad to be rid of Dan Edgar's 'bad energy'. Picture: instagram/itvbe

Amber Turner has broken her silence after Chloe Sims declared her love for Dan Edgar in dramatic scenes during Sunday night’s The Only Way is Essex.

TOWIE star Amber and Dan had an extremely public on/off relationship for over a year which ended in a ‘bitter’ split just before Christmas.

Shortly after the scenes aired on ITVBe, a fan tweeted: “Amber Turner is literally getting fitter and fitter by the day. Once you get rid of the bad energy in your life, you glow up… & she’s doing that.”

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Amber quote tweeted the message, along with some emojis, making it clear she is glad to be rid of Dan and the ‘bad energy’ he brought to her life.

TOWIE fans were left shell-shocked on Sunday night when Chloe declared her love for Amber Turner’s ex-boyfriend, Dan.

The pair had a candid chat on the beach in Thailand, where Chloe, 36, admitted she had feelings for the 28-year-old and revealed she would ‘marry him right now’.

Chloe said: “You know that I've always thought you were beautiful and a nice person. So for you to say you had those feelings, I was really happy. There isn't any pressure from me.”

Dan replied: “I feel like there's a load of pressure, that didn't need to happen. I feel like I'm going to end up hurting someone... you know that I care about you a lot, but it's been a lot to take in. 

“It's frustrating that there's pressure from outside. It's so early and so ridiculous to have all of this at this stage. Lets see how things happen when we get home. I don't get on with any girl better than you.”

Most viewers were left unconvinced that Dan is actually interested in pursuing a relationship with Chloe, with one writing on Twitter: “This conversation between Chloe and Dan is so cringe! She's madly in love with him. He sees her as a mate. We've all been there darling! #TOWIE.”