When Is The OA Season 2 Released on Netflix, Who's In The Cast And What's The Series About?

12 March 2019, 12:31

The OA is finally returning to Netflix for season two, almost three years after it first hit the streaming platform, and the new series looks just as mind-blowing as the first.

The OA had us all gripped by its sheer sci-fi strangeness in 2016, ending on a scene which sparked hundreds of questions about Brit Marling’s character Prairie and the truth in her story.

But in a matter of days Netflix's The OA will be back in our lives, with the same talented cast, a new character, and even more mystery than before.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new series…

The OA returns to Netflix on March 22nd
The OA returns to Netflix on March 22nd. Picture: Netflix

When is The OA back?

Season two of The OA, meaning 'original angel' returns to Netflix on Friday 22nd March, meaning we can officially begin to make plans to binge-watch.

After series one dropped on Netflix without any promotion beforehand, this time around the hype has been very different, as we’ve have had to wait almost three years for the next season.

Actress and writer on the show Brit Marling explained in an Instagram post the process took so long because “we have to write all eight chapters up front before we can begin shooting the first chapter.”

The OA season 2 sees the introduction of Private detective Karim Washington
The OA season 2 sees the introduction of Private detective Karim Washington. Picture: Netflix

Who's in the cast?

Main character Prairie, played by Brit Marling, is back as the formerly blind woman who vanished for seven years before mysteriously re-appearing with the ability to see once again.

Jason Isaacs, who plays the experimental scientist Dr Hunter, known as Hap, who is obsessed with NDEs, will also be back on our screens, after the actor revealed in a Twitter post in May last year he’d finished filming.

We’ll also be introduced to a new character, Karim Washington, played by Kingsley Ben-Adir who is most well-known for his role on Vera as Dr Marcus Summer.

Karim looks set to have a big part in the new series, as a private detective looking for a group of missing teenagers.

Jason Isaacs' character Hap is back as the scientist with a dark secret
Jason Isaacs' character Hap is back as the scientist with a dark secret. Picture: Netflix

What is The OA season 2 about?

The next series will continue across multiple dimensions, with Prairie waking up in a completely different dimension – as made clear by the nurse in the trailer not knowing who Barrack Obama is – after seemingly escaping being shot (in the last episode of series one).

Private detective Karim Washington is tasked with finding a missing girl when he crosses paths with OA, as they try to solve the mystery of the teen's whereabouts and a house connected to the disappearance of several teens.

Back in the first dimension, BBA, Angie and the boys try to discover the truth behind OA’s story.

Brit Marling and her co-writer are hoping for five series of the show, so if you want to catch up we suggest you start soon.

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