WATCH: Queer Eye's Tan France Rates Niall Horan, Taylor Swift & Jonas Bros' Glow-Ups

18 July 2019, 17:08

Queer Eye's Tan France Reviews Celebrity Glow-Ups Part 2 | Capital

The style guru himself, Tan France is back with another series of Queer Eye AND has taken some time out to go through part 2 of his pop star glow-ups.

Queer Eye icon and fashion extraordinaire Tan France, dropped into Capital to give us his expert opinion on some of pop (and TV's) most iconic glow-ups.

The likes of Niall Horan, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers and even the Riverdale boys were examined and critiqued to the nth degree (albeit in Tan's loving and supportive way) in part two of his glow-ups with Capital!

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Tan France rates popstar glow ups.
Tan France rates popstar glow ups. Picture: Capital

With his new autobiography Naturally Tan already universally loved by fans, a new series of Queer Eye on Netflix available from July 19th and another new show called Dressing Funny, Mr. France is a very busy man.

However, that doesn't mean he'd miss out on an opportunity to give his expert opinion on some of pop's biggest idols.

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