Heartstopper’s Kit Connor calls out trolls for forcing him to come out as bisexual

1 November 2022, 11:27 | Updated: 19 April 2024, 09:25

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Since Heartstopper debuted on Netflix earlier this year, people have been pressuring Kit Connor to label his sexuality.

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Heartstopper star Kit Connor has come out as bisexual and slammed viewers of the show for making him label his sexuality.

Fans of Heartstopper will already know that Kit Connor plays a bisexual character in the Netflix teen drama. Since taking on the role of Nick, fans have made assumptions about Kit's sexuality in real life and, shortly after the show debuted, Kit went on Twitter to call them out. He wrote: "Apparently some people on here know my sexuality better than I do…"

However, in the months since, people have continued to hound Kit about his sexuality. Last month (Sep 13), Kit was filmed holding hands with his A Cuban Girl’s Guide co-star Maia Reficco in Paris and fans began to accuse him of queerbaiting. The 18-year-old then responded by tweeting: "This is a silly silly app. bit bored of it now, deleting twitter :)".

Now, Kit has returned to Twitter to come out and address the people who insisted that he publicly label his sexuality.

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Heartstopper’s Kit Connor comes out as bisexual and calls out fans for forcing him to do so
Heartstopper’s Kit Connor comes out as bisexual and calls out fans for forcing him to do so. Picture: John Phillips/Getty Images, Netflix

Taking to Twitter last night (Oct 31), Kit tweeted: "Back for a minute. i’m bi. congrats for forcing an 18 year old to out himself. i think some of you missed the point of the show. bye." Kit's tweet now has over 100,000 retweets and over 600,000 likes, with many fans and friends rushing to support Kit and reiterate that no one should be made to label their sexuality.

Kit's Heartstopper co-star Sebastian Croft tweeted: "Kit Connor, the world doesn’t deserve you. Love you my friend". Edvin Ryding, who plays Prince Wilhem in Young Royals also tweeted: "Feel for you Kit, sending all the love i have your way." Similar to Kit, Edvin plays a queer character in Young Royals and has faced pressure to label his sexuality.

Omar Rudberg, who plays Edvin's love interest Simon, in Young Royals also tweeted in support of Kit by writing: "This makes me so sad! People are mean. Sending hugs your way. Fuck ‘em!!"

A fan also tweeted: "Accusing kit connor of queerbaiting people just bc he was seen w someone of the opposite sex is proof that you guys don’t consider bisexual people “queer enough” unless they’re dating the same sex.[sic]"

It goes without saying that no one should be made to come out and Kit shouldn't have been made to label his sexuality just because he plays a bisexual character on screen.

Discussing playing a bisexual character with Metro, Kit previously said: "I think that’s really special, going into great detail about his journey as a character and his mental struggle. It’s a real honour to be able to play Nick because it’s such an underrepresented kind of character, really."

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