Fans start petition to 'Save The OA' after Netflix cancels series

6 August 2019, 16:12

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Netflix cancelled The OA this week and fans are rallying to #SaveTheOA with a petition. OA stars Brit Marling and Patrick Gibson have also reacted to the show's cancellation.

Netflix's The OA has been cancelled after just two seasons. The sci-fi/fantasy drama starred Brit Marling and Jason Isaacs as Prairie Johnson and HAP, respectively. Fans are clearly unhappy with the news and have since since taken to social media armed with the hashtags #SaveTheOA and #RenewTheOA.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix head of originals Cindy Holland said: "We are incredibly proud of the 16 mesmerizing chapters of The OA, and are grateful to Brit and Zal for sharing their audacious vision and for realizing it through their incredible artistry.

"We look forward to working with them again in the future, in this and perhaps many other dimensions." 


The OA first premiered back in 2016 and told a very intricate story of a young Russian girl, Nina, who is adopted by an American couple after losing her eyesight in a childhood accident. When she arrives to America, her name becomes Prairie and what follows is an emotional and harrowing story of survival as she grows up and finds herself the prisoner of a cruel doctor nicknamed HAP.

Season 2 of The OA ended on a huge cliffhanger and saw the series go very meta. The news of its cancellation has elicited a strong reaction from fans.

Co-creator and star of The OA, Brit Marling, shared a lengthy and emotional Instagram post about the show's cancellation, writing: "Zal and I are deeply sad not to finish this story. The first time I heard the news I had a good cry."

Patrick Gibson, who plays Steve Winchell, shared his own tribute to the OA. He said: "I can only be thankful and joyous of just how much this show has given me."

"I will always cherish this time. BBA and the Boys!"

Meanwhile, over 3,200 people have signed a petition to save The OA.