Moxie soundtrack: All the songs in the Netflix movie

3 March 2021, 10:03

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

From Bikini Kill's Rebel Girl to Tierra Whack and Princess Nokia, here's all the songs from Netflix's Moxie soundtrack.

Not only does Netflix's Moxie feature an absolutely incredible cast of famous faces and exciting newcomers, it also features an absolutely killer soundtrack.

The movie, which is based on Jennifer Mathieu's novel of the same name, focuses on a group of teenage students who create 'Moxie', a feminist zine which turns into a mini revolution, in response to the sexist and toxic attitudes toward female students at their own high school.

And all of that is set against a backdrop of tracks from bands like Bikini Kill and The Linda Lindas, and artists like Tierra Whack and Princess Nokia. Here's all the songs that feature on the Moxie soundtrack.

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Moxie soundtrack: All the songs in the Netflix movie
Moxie soundtrack: All the songs in the Netflix movie. Picture: Netflix

All the songs featured on the Moxie soundtrack:

Yuno - 'No Going Back'

Moving Castles - 'Like Flow'

Luke Buishas - 'Oasis'

TacocaT - 'Grains of Salt'

Bikini Kill - 'Rebel Girl'

TopLady - 'Green Light Red Light'

Gossip - 'Fire With Fire'

Born Rivals - 'Pump The Brakes'

AO Lexx - 'Leveled Up'

Ka'au Crater Boys - 'Surf'

Gary Walk - 'Hang Ten'

Mel Peterson - 'The Hukilau Song'

Meet the cast of Moxie
Meet the cast of Moxie. Picture: Netflix

Bikini Kill - 'Double Dare Ya'

Headband - 'Can't Get Enough'

Amy Miles - 'King of Girls'

Tierra Whack - 'Pretty Ugly'

Princess Nokia - 'Kitana'

Lucy Dacus - 'La Vie En Rose'

The Julie Ruin - 'Just My Kind'

The Linda Lindas - 'Big Mouth'

The Linda Lindas - 'Rebel Girl'

Brandi Carlile - 'Heaven'

Lala Lala - 'Destroyer'

Ebony Bones - 'W.A.R.R.I.O.R.'

CSS - 'Alala'