13 Reasons Why fans think Monty de la Cruz could still be alive

29 August 2019, 15:43

What happened to Monty in 13 Reasons Why season 3? Well... some people think he isn't dead at all.

13 Reasons Why season 3 left us with several unanswered questions that will no doubt end up spilling over into the storyline for the fourth and final season.

After another 13 episodes, we were left with as many new questions as we were given answers. From what's gonna happen to Tyler now that his stash of guns has been dragged up from the river bed (nice one, Clay and Tony FFS) to Deputy Standall participating in a cover up in order to protect his son Alex from being charged over Bryce's death.

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One of the biggest looming questions that season 4 has to answer is what actually happened to Timothy Granaderos' Montgomery de la Cruz, who (very suspiciously and conveniently) died off-screen in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reveal in the final episode.

Now, fans are speculating that Monty might not actually be dead at all and that his story will continue in season 4. But just how likely is that? And what actually happened to him? Let's investigate...

Is Monty still alive on 13 Reasons Why?
Is Monty still alive on 13 Reasons Why? Picture: Netflix

In the finale episode of season 3, we're told by Deputy Standall that Monty was killed in jail a few hours before Ani came to blame him for Bryce's death. But details of his death were not disclosed and everything seemed veeeery suspicious.

Basically, the theories circulating on Reddit and Twitter are based on the age old TV trope of a character not being dead until you see the damn body. In season 3, we saw Bryce's body right off the bat, so we know he's gone for real. But Monty's death wasn't shown on screen and was only mentioned in passing by Deputy Standall and then by Ani.

Monty's death also raises a lot of questions that we hope will be answered in season 4. How did he die? If someone killed him, who did it? And why was he killed so soon after entering jail?

Something still feels off. Considering he was a huge character in the show, it's strange that they just brushed it off so quietly and quickly.

Fans are already speculating that Winston Williams, the guy that Monty was hooking up with before he went to jail, will play a key role in season 4. It turns out that Winston is able to prove Monty's innocence in Bryce's death because he was with him on the night it happened. With that information, it's likely that he'll bring down the lie that is covering up what really happened.

Others are suggesting that Monty was caught up in the same prison cartel as Tony, who could have helped him fake his death, or that someone simply lied about his death. Others are also pointing out that Timothy Granaderos has been spotted on set (season 4 is already in production), but that probably suggests that he's filming flashback scenes.

So, what's the verdict? Is he dead or alive? 13 Reasons Why doesn't feel like the kind of show to pull off a death fake out like that, but you never know, do ya? One thing is for sure though... Monty will still play a key part in season 4.

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