Miranda Cosgrove takes on The Most Impossible iCarly Quiz | PopBuzz Meets

22 July 2022, 16:45

Miranda Cosgrove vs. 'The Most Impossible iCarly Quiz' | PopBuzz Meets

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Miranda Cosgrove also reveals if Carly and Freddie are endgame and opens up about working with Harry Styles.

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How well does Miranda Cosgrove know iCarly? To find out we got the real Carly Shay to do The Most Impossible iCarly quiz.

Miranda Cosgrove may have played Carly Shay on screen since 2007 but how much of an iCarly fan is she really? In honour of the UK launch of Paramount+, we caught up with Miranda Cosgrove and tested her knowledge on all things iCarly. From guest stars on the original show to quotes from the current revival, we quizzed Miranda on every aspect of the show.

On top of that, Miranda also finally answered once and for all if she thinks that Carly and Freddie are endgame in iCarly.

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Miranda Cosgrove takes on The Most Impossible iCarly Quiz | PopBuzz Meets
Miranda Cosgrove takes on The Most Impossible iCarly Quiz | PopBuzz Meets. Picture: PopBuzz

During the quiz, we asked Miranda if she thinks that Carly and Freddie will eventually end up together and she said: "I think Carly and Freddie are endgame." However, she then added: "Nathan has a different idea. He thinks that Freddy has been working too hard for too long to try to get Carly to go out with him and that it's too late. That's what he's told me."

Still, Miranda stayed firm on her Creddie opinion. She concluded: "But I don't think so. I think they should be together."

Elsewhere, Miranda also revealed if she thinks Harry Styles' career as an actor is indebted to iCarly after he appeared on the show with One Direction. Miranda stated: "I think that Harry has gone on to do much bigger things than iCarly in acting. I do think iCarly was maybe the first acting job that he ever had so that's an honour."

Later on, Miranda also tried to remember all of the names of One Direction and it's safe to say that she struggled a bit.

To find out what else Miranda revealed and see if you can beat her in the quiz, hit play on the video at the top of this page.