Miranda Cosgrove teases that Carly and Freddie are "endgame" in the iCarly reboot

16 February 2022, 16:48

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

It sounds like iCarly season 2 will start to explore whether or not Carly and Freddie are meant to be together.

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Miranda Cosgrove has opened up about iCarly season 2 and whether or not she thinks that Carly and Freddie are endgame.

Earlier this month (Feb 3), Miranda Cosgrove took to Instagram to confirm that filming on iCarly season 2 was complete. She shared a series of behind the scenes photos with the caption: "Wrapped Season 2 of @icarly last night! Can’t wait for you to see it." Since then, Paramount+ has confirmed that the second season of the reboot is coming and will "launch this year".

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Will Carly and Freddie get together in iCarly season 2 though? Ever since the original show aired on Nickelodeon, fans have wanted Carly and Nathan the best friends to take things to the next level and the first season of the reboot even saw them share a bed together. With that in mind, here's what Miranda has said about the possibility of a Carly/Freddie romance.

Will Carly and Freddie end up together in iCarly?

Miranda Cosgrove teases that Carly and Freddie are endgame in the iCarly reboot
Miranda Cosgrove teases that Carly and Freddie are endgame in the iCarly reboot. Picture: Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images for Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Miranda said: "I'm really surprised that the fans are still so passionate about who they want Freddie to end up with and just all of that. It kind of cracks me up a little bit. But also, we want to do right by all the fans. I don't think that Carly and Freddie are going to make a decision or end up together anytime soon."

However, Miranda then added: "But it's definitely really fun to do those stories where we get to be together. I like Carly and Freddie's relationship, and Nathan's so much fun to work with in real life. So we had a really good time." She then teased: "They might be endgame. They might have to be. Anything's possible."

Carly and Freddie "might have to be" endgame! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

Do Carly and Freddie end up together in iCarly?
Do Carly and Freddie end up together in iCarly? Picture: Paramount+

Speaking to Hollywood Life about Carly and Freddie's potential romantic relationship, Nathan Kress previously said, "I think it’s just going to be very organic" if it happens and said that it will be more of a "slow burn". He continued: "They could say, ‘We’re such good friends. We belong together. We’ve been in each other’s lives for this long. What are we doing?’"

In other words, it sounds like Carly and Freddie could very well be endgame and we could see a romance develop between them in season 2. However, based on Miranda and Nathan's comments, it also sounds like it could be a long time before they finally decide to be together for good.

What do you think? Are Carly and Freddie endgame?

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