Is Crockett Island a real place? Here's where Midnight Mass was filmed

24 September 2021, 07:30

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Midnight Mass features a fictional place called Crockett Island, but the filming location is a real place you can visit.

So, you've watched Midnight Mass and now you wanna know if Crockett Island is a real place, huh? We had exactly the same thought after binge-watching all 8 episodes in one sitting.

Mike Flanagan's new Netflix series introduces fans to a brand new creepy yet mysterious setting, home to an isolated religious community and some very strange goings on.

Flanagan's previous two Netflix series (The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor) both piqued audiences interests thanks to their grand, haunted, and iconic main locations. While Hill House is a real location under a different name, Bly Manor was mostly CGI.

But just how real is Crockett Island? Well, it's a real location that you can visit in real life, but it's not actually a real 'place'. Here's everything you need to know about the filming location of Midnight Mass.

Is Midnight Mass' Crockett Island a real place?

Midnight Mass filming location: Is Crockett Island a real place?
Midnight Mass filming location: Is Crockett Island a real place? Picture: Netflix

Technically, Crockett Island as we know it in Midnight Mass is not a real place. But while the island is fictional, the actual filming location is a genuine place that people can visit.

Midnight Mass was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, with Richmond's Garry Point Park standing in for the creepy Crockett Island.

The Midnight Mass production team built an entire village in Garry Point Park, which was used for all the on-location scenes. IMDb highlights that filming also took place at The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, the same studio where parts of Bly Manor were also filmed.

Is the Midnight Mass church a real location?

The church, which features prominently in the series, was built for the sole purpose of the show. It doesn't actually exist in Garry Point Park.

The fictional town of Crockett was built in way back at the end of December 2019. In March 2020, just as the show was set to begin filming, production was shut down due to the pandemic. The set remained standing, protected by a fence around the area where filming was set to take place, until the cast returned in August 2020.

According to House and Whips, the set was disassembled shortly after production wrapped in December 2020. So, unfortunately fans will not be able to step foot into Crockett Island's mysterious church or any of the buildings.

You can still go to the park, sit on the beach and watch the sunrise if you want to, though.

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