Why Married At First Sight UK Couple Jess And Pjay Left The Experiment

16 September 2022, 14:12

Jess and Pjay left MAFS UK
Jess and Pjay left MAFS UK. Picture: E4

By Kathryn Knight

MAFS UK couple Jess and Pjay’s relationship wasn’t meant to be and the couple quit the experiment just a few weeks in.

Married at First Sight UK’s Jess Potter and Pjay Finch didn’t instantly click when she met him for the first time on their wedding day, after she discovered he was a stripper for the Dreamboys.

Jess was left concerned about Pjay’s job, admitting she wouldn’t be able to trust him.

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Despite becoming close friends and Pjay developing feelings for Jess, they decided to quit the experiment after giving things a go on their honeymoon and even living together.

But why did they decide to quit MAFS UK? Let's take a look.

Jess wasn't happy when she discovered Pjay was a stripper
Jess wasn't happy when she discovered Pjay was a stripper. Picture: E4

Why did Jess and Pjay quit MAFS UK?

Jess and Pjay decided to leave Married at First Sight UK after giving their relationship a go for a few weeks. During the couples’ commitment ceremony they decided to call it quits after deciding they were better off as friends.

The dental hygienist admitted she had no ‘sexual attraction’ towards the dancer.

After their exits aired, Jess took to Instagram to thank fans for their support, telling the camera: “I came into this experiment, I feel really emotional.

"I came into this experiment looking for a husband and unfortunately I didn't find it.

"But I can hold my head high, saying I have been true to myself and true to everyone and honest throughout this whole experience.”

Lara and Richie have also quit MAFS UK
Lara and Richie have also quit MAFS UK. Picture: E4

“For every single girl, women out there, always trust your gut, your instincts, and never let anyone tell you what's right for you. The only person that knows what is best for you in life is yourself.

"So stick by that you will always be winning in life."

The episode also saw Lara and Richie decide to leave the experiment.

Richie was heartbroken over breaking up with Lara, admitting he thought he’d found ‘the one’.

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