Lindsay Lohan "very hurt and disappointed" over joke in new Mean Girls movie

16 January 2024, 12:41

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The joke is said by Megan Thee Stallion, who makes a cameo appearance in the film.

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Mean Girls legend Lindsay Lohan is reportedly upset about a joke in the new version of the film that references her.

After popping up at the premiere of the film to support Tina Fey and the brand new cast taking on the iconic characters, Lindsay's rep has spoken out about one particular scene in the movie that the original Cady Heron actress is not happy with.

Speaking to PEOPLE, a representative called out a line delivered by Megan Thee Stallion (yes, Megan makes a small cameo appearance), saying that Lindsay feels "very hurt and disappointed by the reference in the film."

[Minor spoilers ahead for surprises in the new Mean Girls movie!]

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Lindsay Lohan&squot;s reps say she&squot;s "very hurt" and "disappointed" by joke in new film
Lindsay Lohan's reps say she's "very hurt" and "disappointed" by joke in new film. Picture: John Lamparski/WireImage, Paramount Pictures

The scene in question that Lindsay's reps are referencing occurs after the infamous Winter Talent Show. Following the Plastics' disastrous performance, the entire audience whip out their phones to start recording them and the videos quickly go viral.

Megan appears mid-way through a string of TikTok videos from people analysing and talking about what happened, and she gives a shout out to Cady, exclaiming: "We are going back red. Y2K fire crotch is back."

While "fire crotch" is a common comment people use to refer to red pubic hair, the reference also harks back to a 2006 paparazzi video in which Brandon Davis insulted and referred to then-20-year-old Lindsay as a "fire crotch." (He later said he was "horrified at the words that came out of [his] mouth.")

Lindsay Lohan poses with the new Mean Girls cast
Lindsay Lohan poses with the new Mean Girls cast. Picture: Getty

Lindsay Lohan actually makes a small cameo in the film, but she herself has not said anything about the joke directly. None of the actors nor Tina Fey has addressed Lindsay's disappointment about the joke either.

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