'Riverdale' Just Revealed EXACTLY When Jughead's Mum And Sister Are Arriving

24 July 2018, 15:33

Jellybean Jones Riverdale Season 3
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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Thanks to Cole and 'Riverdale' producer Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, we now know exactly when Jellybean and Gladys Jones are coming to town.

Now that Riverdale season 3 is officially in production, it's time to start speculating and theorising about what's gonna happen, who's gonna die and what new characters might pop up next in our favourite twisted town of sexy mysteries.

One mystery that Riverdale fans have been dying to crack is the mystery of when Jughead's mother and sister will finally make an appearance on the show. Earlier this year, during the RiverCon Paris event, Skeet Ulrich hinted that Jellybean and his character's estranged wife would make an appearance "very soon, in season 3."

Now, we have further confirmation and a potential episode number for when the rest of the Jones clan may blow into town. Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead Jones, told an audience at San Diego Comic Con that fans will finally get to meet Jellybean and Gladys Jones in season 3.

"They are coming to Riverdale," Cole confirmed during the Comic Con panel in July. Riverdale executive producer Roberto Aguirre Sacasa also added that it will be "around episode 8 or 9".


When pressed about whether or not the casting choice could be revealed there at Comic Con, RAS was, of course, tight lipped. However, fans still have their hopes and theories on who could be filling the roles of Jughead's as-yet-seen family members.

Ulrich and on-screen son Cole Sprouse have loooong been teasing the arrival of two of the most anticipated characters on the show and fans have also been incredibly vocal about wanting the whole Jones family back together again. They've even got some pretty strong opinions on who should play the two of them.

Neve Campbell (who starred in 1996's Scream alongside Skeet Ulrich) is a fan favourite for the role of Gladys Jones. Skeet, himself, has said that he'd love for the star to play his onscreen wife, telling TVLine last year that the Scream connection would really "tickle people".

According to Neve Campbell, she hasn't seen the show and Skeet hasn't called her yet, so there's that.

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Riverdale fans and sleuths have also expressed a desire to see Holly Marie Combs (Charmed, Pretty Little Liars) play Jughead's mother and believe she is a likely contender.

As for who could play Jellybean? There's been some suggestions from fans (Mackenzie Foy and Dafne Keen are favourites) but she'll most likely be played by a relatively unknown young actress. Jellybean is around 10 years old and is much younger than Jughead. One thing you can bet definitely won't be happening... Dylan Sprouse in a wig.

Our personal fan casting?

Ant Man actress Abby Ryder Fortson is a solid choice. She also has TV experience on Transparent and, at 10 years old, would be the perfect age.

Abby Ryder Forston
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With FP and Alice advancing toward full blown Falice status, season 3 will be the PERFECT time to introduce Jellybean and Gladys to create a little ship drama. Falice are endgame but throwing family drama into the equation will certainly lead to some tense conversations.


So, there you have it! Are you ready for a Jones family reunion and all the drama it's surely gonna bring to Sunnyside trailer park? FP, my man, you in trouble now.