People Think 'Riverdale' Is Getting A New Character Based On This One Word

7 February 2018, 11:43

Riverdale. Picture: The CW, Archie Comics
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

A new trademark taken out by Archie Comics may reveal a new arrival for the third season of The CW's teen drama.

Riverdale fans are predicting the arrival of a new character for season three after they spotted a recent change in the copyright agreements held by Archie Comics.

Bleeding Cool reports that the comic company have trademarked the word "jinx", covering its use in, among other things, "Entertainment, namely, motion pictures and ongoing television shows relating stories about the trials, tribulations and interests of teenagers in dramatic and humorous circumstances broadcast over television, audio and video media, mobile phones, and the Internet".

This would clearly suggest that the company are planning on reviving the character of Jinx, created by Joe Edwards, who first appeared in Archie Comics back in 1947.

Jinx. Picture: Archie Comics

Originally a "mischevious young girl", a pair of 2012 graphic novels later portrayed her as a teenage girl going through high school - could she soon be enrolling at Riverdale High?

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