IT: Chapter Two inspires fans to try the Pennywise Smile Challenge

12 September 2019, 15:53

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

IT: Chapter Two fans are copying Bill Skarsgård's creepy smile and they're giving him a run for his money.

IT: Chapter Two arrived in theatres on 6 September and, as promised, the terrifying story picked up 27 years after we last saw the Losers' club in their hometown of Derry, Maine. The kids may have grown up but Pennywise remained his usual terrifying self. Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgård has definitely nailed the clown's creepy expression and now he has inspired the equally unsettling Pennywise smile challenge on social media.

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Yes, people are doing the Pennywise smile challenge and it's exactly what you think it is.

Bill Skarsgård demonstrated the lip-curling Pennywise smile during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night (9 September) and Horror news outlet Bloody Disgusting challenged fans to try and copy it.


People are using the tag #PennywiseSmileChallenge on social media to share their best Pennywise inspired selfies.

IT may be all wrapped up with Chapter Two, but at least we know that there are people on social media that director Andy Muschietti can call up if Bill ever passes on a Pennywise prequel.

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