THIS IS NOT A DRILL! There Was A Mini 'Hannah Montana' Reunion, And Our Hearts Have Gone And Melted

11 January 2018, 10:57

Hannah Montana iTunes Cover

Ngl, we're crying. We're broken.

Let us take you back to mid-2006. Now, sing along with us; "You got the limo out front..."

We just wanna get you well in the mood for 'Hannah Montana', because there was one hella reunion between some of the leading cast, and it's gonna flabbit your dang before you know it.

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There was a time where we'd sprint back from school, pushing all of our backpack-clad mates over, in an eager rush to get home and watch the next episode of 'Hannah Montana', but who needs that stress in their life when...

This. Happens.

That's right. Emily Osment, Jason Earles and Mitchell Musso (who play Lilly, Jackson and Oliver, respectively) bumped into each other and had to share the photo with us.

They're not the heroes we deserved, but the ones we needed.

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We're going from a true bromance to a no-mance after this awks moment from the Golden Globes...