Sophie Kasaei Reveals She Had “Suicidal Thoughts” After Being Sacked From Geordie Shore & Getting Into Debt

12 December 2018, 11:28

Sophie Kasaei revealed her struggles with depression.
Sophie Kasaei revealed her struggles with depression. Picture: Instagram

The Geordie Shore star revealed that she suffered from depression after her parents messy divorce, getting into debt and being sacked from the reality show.

Sophie Kasaei might be riding high right now, but she revealed that she has suffered some pretty dark times in the past few years, and considered suicide when things went wrong in her life.

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She told Closer magazine that she suffered from depression after she was sacked from Geordie Shore, her parents got divorced and she lost £70,000 of her life savings after her fashion and beauty boutique failed.

She revealed, “I felt like I'd lost everything and I was left thinking, ‘What else can go wrong?’

“I was going out partying to take my mind off it and staying out for days on end. I had depression, and I started getting suicidal thoughts. I just didn't want to be here anymore.”

Sophie Kasaei revealed she had suicidal thoughts.
Sophie Kasaei revealed she had suicidal thoughts. Picture: Instagram

Sophie had been sacked from Geordie Shore in 2013 after she was caught using a racial slur but was later invited back for a reunion special before becoming a regular cast member once again.

She credits that with turning her life around, explaining, “The reaction from the public was great and then they asked me back full time.

“I felt like I was being given a second chance at life, I was so grateful. I started taking care of myself more, too, so I felt better in that way as well. I'm so much happier. I lost three-and-a-half stone by the end of last year, which boosted my confidence.

“Me and my mum have been spending lots of time together and I am helping her to find her happiness. I just try to be grateful and positive and appreciate what I have.”

She revealed to the Daily Mail recently that her weight fluctuates a lot while filming, explaining, “When I'm in Geordie Shore that's just a time where I have to accept I will put weight on.

“It's my job at that moment in time, I will have to get on with it and when I get out, that's the time to get fit again.For the couple of weeks I'm filming obviously I don't eat as much as I used to after a night out, I will get chicken thighs instead of a pizza or kebab.

“I try to maintain my weight and when I get out I try to get fit again. I have to admit it's not the healthiest thing for my weight to go up and down, but it's my job.”

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