WATCH: Would Joe Dempsie Spoil Game Of Thrones Or Torture A Superfan?

15 April 2019, 07:53

Game Of Thrones' actor Joe Dempsie dropped by the studio to talk all things Westeros... however little did he know he'd be inflicting pain and torture on a super-fan!

Game Of Thrones actor Joe Dempsie is a nice man... we all know this. But when it comes to Game Of Thrones, he's willing to put even the most die-hard fans through absolute torture just to stop any spoilers from happening.

In fact, he put more specifically ONE fan, Dave, through a series of tortures including the 'Westeros Waxing' and the 'White Walker's Ice Bucket'.

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Joe Dempsie refuses to give away any Game Of Thrones spoilers
Joe Dempsie refuses to give away any Game Of Thrones spoilers. Picture: Capital

Of course, with Sonny Jay on hand as a member of the Lannisters he was able to dish out the tortures along with his minions and it did not disappoint.

Unfortunately, we didn't get any Game Of Thrones spoilers for you BUT we did get to punish an innocent fan of the series.

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