There's Going To Be ANOTHER Funeral on "Riverdale" - But Who Dies?

20 February 2018, 16:06

Riverdale Funeral
Picture: The CW / Instagram
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

A deep dive investigation into who kicks the bucket on "Riverdale."

As it stands, there has been more deaths in Riverdale than I have had hot dinners. We've said goodbye to Jason Blossom, Clifford Blossom, Mustang the Serpent, Ms Grundy, Mr Svenson, the rest of the Conway family, the Sugar man, Papa Poutine... the list goes on and on. And now we might have to say goodbye to one more because it looks like the cast are on set filming a funeral scene.

In pictures shared to various cast members Instagram stories (those shady shady Lodges, Marisol Nichols and Mark Consuelos), almost all of the squad are dressed head to toe in black, standing in a snowy cemetery.

Riverdale Funeral BTS Scenes
Picture: Instagram

So far, the list of characters that have been spotted on set filming this episode are: Hiram and Hermione, obviously. Betty, Veronica, Archie, Ethel, Cheryl, Kevin, Alice Cooper, FP Jones and Penelope Blossom.

That leaves quite a few characters who could be, might be, maybe, potentially in jeopardy. Of course, some actors might not have been captured in the sneaky behind the scenes Instagram stories but judging by that line up of funeral attendees, it might be a pretty key character that we have to say goodbye to. Lady of the night Penelope Blossom isn't just gonna turn up to any old character's funeral, after all.

So, who dies?

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Is it Hal Cooper? As we all know, Betty's ponytail is a signifier of her mental state and it's far too high and put together for her to be attending at her own father's funeral.

What about Pop Tate? It certainly would make sense for the whole town to gather for his funeral... *whispers* please no, not Pop, anyone but Pop!

Fred Andrews? Unless it's another one of his hallucinations, surely they wouldn't do that to us again... right? RIGHT?

Jughead? Cole Sprouse did joke that his character would end up getting killed off. But would they DARE kill off Jughead? Of course not. No Jughead, no Riverdale tbh. And again, Betty's ponytail would not be that perky if her boyfriend was dead.

Moose? Midge? Dilton? Reggie? Val? Melody? JOSIE? NOoooooooOOOOooooOooOOooooooo! Also, why would Penelope turn up to a random student's funeral? Then again... this is Riverdale we're talking about.

Nana Rose? Well, she is old... after all.

Sheriff Keller? Look, we all know that Kevin is iconic but for him to be wearing such a statement coat to an event that didn't concern him directly? I don't know guys... maybe Sheriff Keller kicks the bucket?

Get theorising, pussycats. It looks like we've got a while until we finally see this episode hit our screens so get your amateur sleuth hats on, and your investigative skills turned up to eleven.