23 hilarious memes that sum up Euphoria season 2 episode 2

17 January 2022, 18:48

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Here's all the best and funniest memes about Euphoria season 2, episode 2.

I know we're only two episodes into Euphoria season 2 at the mo but it's already proving to be even more of a banger than season 1, tbh.

Euphoria season 2 episode 2, titled 'Out of Touch', followed on from the events of the season premiere with Nate in hospital after being beaten within an inch of his life by Fez, with Cassie sweating about Maddy finding out that she had sex with Nate, and with Rue juggling her relationships with Jules and Elliot.

And the cherry on top of all of that? Everyone's new favourite Euphoria couple Lexi and Fez doing a polite amount of shy teenage flirting in the drinks aisle of his convenience store.

Just like last week's season opener, fans were out in full force tweeting along with the episode. Here's all the best and funniest reactions to Euphoria season 2, episode 2.

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Euphoria memes: All the funniest tweets about season 2 episode 2
Euphoria memes: All the funniest tweets about season 2 episode 2. Picture: HBO via YouTube, @adele via Instagram

A summary of this entire episode.

The Cassie, Nate and Maddy saga is STRESSING ME OUT.

As if this love (?) triangle couldn't get any more stressful, we've now got Nate fantasising about starting a family with Cassie, while also still texting Maddy. We've then got a guilt-ridden Cassie having an actual breakdown about the whole thing.

And then there's Maddy... Calling both Nate and Cassie? One after the other? And neither of them picking up? Cassie will simply not make it out of this mess alive, I fear.

Lexi and Fez already have the fans in a chokehold.

Lexi and Fez catching feelings for each other? Didn't see it coming! Will it end in tears? Probably! But you know what, we're two episodes in and Lexi and Fez's back and forth is already promising to be one of season 2's most popular storylines.

The way Fez goes all soft and sweet when she shows up at his store? The way she just turned up in the middle of the night just so she could see him? They're in it now!

Nate calling out his dad... Hate to love to see it.

I won't REST until that man is in jail. Cal Jacobs, you will be dealt with.

We have to protect Ashtray at all costs!

Although, judging by the way he's always ready to fight, shoot or hit someone with a hammer at any given second, he could probably handle himself against a grown man pretty well actually.

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Kat and Ethan at the bowling alley? Upsetting!

We're rooting for you! We're all rooting for you!!!

Rue strikes again.

When Rue finally spills everyone's business... it's over!

In conclusion...

Honestly never thought I'd see McSteamy in this position. But here we are.

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