Dylan O'Brien say his Not Okay sex scene was "uncomfortable" to film

8 August 2022, 17:26

Dylan O’Brien reveals his new blonde hair and tattoo sleeves

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Dylan O'Brien and Zoey Deutch's Not Okay sex scene broke the internet when the film came out.

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Dylan O'Brien has revealed what filming his wild Not Okay sex scene was really like and let slip that it was "uncomfortable".

If you've watched Not Okay on Hulu, chances are you've lost it over the cringeworthy sex scene between Dylan O'Brien and Zoey Deutch. In the scene, Colin (Dylan) takes Danni (Zoey) to have sex with him in the toilets at an influencer party. It then gets progressively worse as Colin calls Danni his "damaged little girl", grunts a lot and comes inside her within seconds.

The scene quickly went viral online with people equally disgusted and turned on by it. Now, Dylan has opened up about it.

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Dylan O&squot;Brien says the sex scene in Not Okay was the most "uncomfortable" scene to film
Dylan O'Brien says the sex scene in Not Okay was the most "uncomfortable" scene to film. Picture: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images, Hulu

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Dylan explained that the only time he "ever felt uncomfortable during filming" was during Colin and Danni's hookup scene. He said: "It was the bathroom scene, for sure." However, he specified that Zoey made it okay: "But it was as comfortable as it could be because me and Zoey have a really good communicative foundation."

Discussing Colin further and whether he's a true depiction of actual influencers and fuckboys in real life, Dylan said: "I think it was so dead on because it's just like all we see. I feel like, you're just scrolling through the news and it's like, 'Oh, thirst trap!' The fuckboys are everywhere! Gotta watch out."


Talking about the inspiration behind Colin with Interview, Dylan also said: "I've just always been taken aback by these, not even influencers, but these white tatted kids who talk with blaccents as if they're from the streets, appropriating Black culture, and being someone that "we" are thirsting over."

He continued: "I found it such an odd trend, but I was fascinated by it. That's how I saw the character. I wanted to go full force with it. I wanted the tats, the Bieber blonde hair, and an MGK Fortnite skin. I just wanted to take the piss out of that kind of person."

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