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5 March 2021, 12:01

Drag Race UK's A'Whora reveals she was forced to do the comedy challenge twice

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

A'Whora tells PopBuzz: "At that point my confidence was already a little shook. It was really, really hard."

Drag Race UK delivered another shocking elimination last night as A'Whora was booted out the competition.

Her elimination was not without controversy. During the episode, the queens were told they would be competing in a stand up comedy challenge, and were tasked with creating a short set to perform to a largely empty room, aside from the judges and special guest judge Dawn French.

After winning the mini challenge, Ellie Diamond was given the power to decide the running order and made a strategic decision to place A'Whora first, figuring she would struggle which would give Ellie a better chance at surviving another week in the competition. Ellie's running order also upset her friend Lawence Chaney, who felt like she had been set up to fail by having to follow fellow comedy queen Bimini Bon Boulash.

But in an interview with PopBuzz this morning, A'Whora said that the running order wasn't the only thing going against her, revealing that she was forced to do her set twice after her mic failed to record her first performance.

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Drag Race UK A'Whora Comedy Challenge
Drag Race UK A'Whora Comedy Challenge. Picture: World of Wonder

Fans were gutted to see A'Whora leave the competition, with many believing that Ellie Diamond should have been in the bottom two.

Describing what it was like to open the comedy show to an empty room, A'Whora said:

"You're coming out to no reaction, and the only reaction you're gonna get is unless you're getting killer laughs. And for me, I have to do it twice because the first time my mic wasn't working, so I wasn't even getting any laughs that time."

She continued: "So when I did it a second time when you could actually hear me, it was a lot better, but at that point my confidence was already a little shook. It was really, really hard. I had barely ever performed, let alone to a stand up show. So, I was like, girl...roll it out, be disgusting and...shit happens. Literally."

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What was A'Whora's joke that got bleeped?

Fans were also left wondering what the vulgar joke was that A'Whora made about her nan that got bleeped by the BBC in last night's episode. Well, turns out the original audio has been leaked online.

She began her performance by saying: “The best advice I ever received growing up was from my nan. You know, people always say, there’s such a huge age gap between the older and the younger generation. And [that’s] right, but me and my nan found that that gap was what really brought us together. It was a real deep wholesome connection. We both have [censored].”

A’Whora has since retweeted an uncensored clip of her routine, which revealed she’d actually said: “We both have gaping arseholes.”

How lovely.

The full interview with A'Whora will be available this Sunday on the PopBuzz YouTube channel. Head over there now to subscribe to be the first to watch.

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