Bling Empire: Who is Dorothy Wang's father? What is Roger Wang's net worth?

13 May 2022, 10:14

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Everything you need to know about Dorothy Wang's father Roger and his immense net worth…

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Bling Empire is (almost) back! So it's time to get well acquainted with the newest cast member Dorothy Wang and her billionaire father Roger Wang.

On Friday (May 13), Bling Empire season 2 will hit Netflix. Anna Shay, Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, Kim Lee, Kevin Kreider and Jaime Xie will be letting us have a peek at the drama-filled lives of the super, super rich (Sadly, can't relate). But there's a new addition to the cast: Dorothy Wang.

If Dorothy looks familiar, it's because she's not new to the reality show game. The 34-year-old starred in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills from 2014 until 2016, and Famously Single in 2017.

Dorothy is known for being uber-glam, her love of travelling to the most exotic locations and being absolutely filthy rich, so she'll have no trouble slotting in with the big spenders on the Bling Empire cast. But how did Dorothy get so rich? And who is her billionaire father Roger Wang? Here's what you need to know.

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Who is Dorothy Wang's father Roger Wang?

Who is Dorothy Wang's father Roger?
Who is Dorothy Wang's father Roger? Picture: Netflix, @dorothywang via Instagram

What is Roger Wang's net worth?

Dorothy Wang's father is Chinese-American businessman Roger Wang. As of May 12, Forbes reports that Robert is worth $3.5 billion, which makes him the 819th richest person in the world.

Roger made his money through building condos in Los Angeles and then using that money he started his business, Golden Eagle International Group, which he founded back in 1992. The company, which is still running now, specialises in real estate. In 1995, Robert founded the Golden Eagle Retail Group to operate malls and department stores in China. The company became public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006.

Roger is no longer CEO of Golden Eagle International Group but he is a chairman. Instead, Roger has devoted his time to more philanthropic efforts and divides his time between Beverly Hills and China.

What is Dorothy Wang's net worth? Does she have a job?

There isn't much accurate information on Dorothy Wang's net worth right now, but it's safe to assume Dorothy is a millionaire.

Now you're probably wondering how Dorothy actually has a job and the answer is… yes. Although when she landed her gig on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills because she was "funemployed" (basically, she had no job and her father footed the bill) she tried her hand at several career paths, including real estate and her own jewellery line.

Dorothy has also landed some TV gigs outside of reality TV, working as a fashion correspondent for The Steve Harvey Show and becoming a co-host for Facebook Watch's Fetch Me A Date in 2019.

Most recently, Dorothy launched her own travel website. Through the website, Dorothy shares her insider tips and experiences on her travels at some of the world's best destinations.

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