David Harbour has fans thirsting over his Santa role in the Violent Night trailer

6 October 2022, 20:02

David Harbour plays Santa in the absolutely wild trailer for Violent Night

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

David Harbour as SANTA?! Cinema!

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You've thirsted over him as Stranger Things' police chief Jim Hopper. You've thirsted over him as Black Widow's Red Guardian. And now you're about to have a big ol' crush on... *checks notes* Santa?!

Yep, the brand new trailer for David Harbour's upcoming film Violent Night has just been released and a) it looks absolutely wild, and b) the festive thirst has well truly BEGUN.

The film, which can only be described as "John Wick but like, what if it was Santa instead?", sees Harbour play Santa himself who comes face-to-face with a group of elite mercenaries who have taken a family hostage. He then proceeds – as the trailer shows – to beat the living shit out of them. Cinema.

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David Harbour in the Violent Night trailer has left everyone thirsting over Santa
David Harbour in the Violent Night trailer has left everyone thirsting over Santa. Picture: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images, Universal Pictures

Elsewhere in the trailer, Harbour's Santa literally blows people up, throws around some of the most amazing festive puns you'll ever hear in your life ("Time for some seasons beatings?!") and, at one point, ties his spectacular head of white, beach-y wavy locks up into a man bun.

Let's just say, fans are looking respectfully!

Thirst aside, people are also very hyped to see the film in general. They're already calling it a holiday classic, and Harbour's take on Santa is pretty much a guarantee in the official SCU (Santa Cinematic Universe) Hall of Fame.

One user wrote: "Violent Night looks like a total blast and is exactly the kind of original cinema that Hollywood needs to be making more of." Another added: "THIS IS THE BEST IDEA FOR A MOVIE ANYONE HAS EVER HAD NO NOTES BEST PICTURE"

Violent Night is the Christmas movie we didn't know we needed, and the Christmas movie we truly deserve. We will be seated. Now everyone say, "Thank you, David Harbour."

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