The New 'Charmed' Trailer Contains An Easter Egg From The Original Series

25 September 2018, 14:26

Charmed Original reboot connection
Picture: CW/WB/Screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The series will premiere in October and a new trailer shows a character that fans of the original series will definitely recognise.

There's no doubt that the Charmed reboot is the most talked about reboot of 2018. The new generation of witches face a fan base who are fiercely loyal to the original series, which ran from 1998-2006.

There's no denying what an impact the original Charmed had on popular culture and it seems the reboot will acknowledge some of that history, if the new is trailer anything to go by.

Eagle eyed fans will have noticed that the latest Charmed trailer actually features a known ancestor of the original Charmed Ones.

Skip to 0:21 to see a familiar face.

Charmed | Sisterhood Trailer | The CW

At 0:21 viewers can catch a glimpse of a page in the Book of Shadows featuring Melinda Warren, an ancestor to Prue, Phoebe, Piper, and Paige Halliwell.

Melinda Warren
Picture: CW

Melinda Warren was, of course, the beginning of the Charmed Ones' magical lineage. Born in the 1670s, Melinda was the first in a long line of female witches that would eventually lead to The Charmed Ones.

Hardcore fans will also know that Melinda appeared in the series, working alongside the sisters in the first season to defeat a warlock.

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Of course, the new witches are Vera witches, not Halliwells, so their connection to Melinda Warren is unclear.

It's a small Easter egg but the new show already seems ready to pay homage to the original series. This also hints at a possibility that the new generation of witches could possibly face old foes.

Charmed premieres on the CW, Sunday October 24.

What do you guys think? Did you spot the Melinda Warren reference the first time around?