Meet The Cast Of ‘My Mum, Your Dad’

13 September 2023, 17:07 | Updated: 14 September 2023, 17:43

Son watches his dad on a date on Your Mum My Dad

By Kathryn Knight

‘My Mum, Your Dad’ is being referred to as ‘middle-aged Love Island.'

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My Mum, Your Dad is the dating show where single parents have been nominated by their children for a second chance at love.

Across 10 episodes, viewers will see singletons from all over the UK and from all walks of life get to know each other under one roof, in a stunning country house retreat, with the aim of finding true love.

Eight single parents are taking part in the show after being nominated by their kids, with the twist being their children are watching from the sidelines in a hidden area called ‘The Bunker’.

From here they will guide their parents’ path to love under the guise of Dating Experts.

Get to know the cast of My Mum, Your Dad, including their ages, jobs and more.

Davina McCall hosts My Mum, Your Dad
Davina McCall hosts My Mum, Your Dad. Picture: ITV


Age: 50

From: London

Job: Design Consultant / Journalist

Daughter: Georgia-Blu, 28

My Mum, Your Dad: Tolullah
My Mum, Your Dad: Tolullah. Picture: ITV

Tolullah describes herself as a 'vivacious and warm person' and 'fiercely loyal' to those she loves.

Her daughter Georgia nominated her for My Mum, Your Dad because she felt it was 'a good time and important stage where she could take the control out my hands and let someone else try.'

Georgia nominated her mum so she 'has a chance to meet someone who she can settle down with,' adding she 'really deserves it.'

Martin M

Age: 53

From: Derby / lives in Ibiza

Job: Property developer

Son: Luke, 18

My Mum, Your Dad: Martin and son Luke
My Mum, Your Dad: Martin and son Luke. Picture: ITV

Martin, who's 6ft 7in, describes himself as 'handsome, intelligent and business-minded.' He said he's always 'struggled' to meet people on the same wavelength. He's looking for a person who's, "Intelligent, confident, driven, funny and laidback."

Meanwhile, son Luke reckons his dad's perfect partner would be: "Someone career focussed and likes to do a bit of partying - a bit of balance," adding: "We live in Ibiza, everything’s different to the UK, so they need to be ready for that sort of lifestyle as well."


Age: 50

From: Winchmore Hill

Job: Therapist/Student

Daughter: Taiya, 21

My Mum, Your Dad: Monique and daughter Taiya
My Mum, Your Dad: Monique and daughter Taiya. Picture: ITV2

Monique was nominated by her daughter Taiya for My Mum, Your Dad as she throws herself back in the dating world.

She said before her appearance on the show "I don't like pastries, so we don't do flakes!"

And here’s what Monique had to say about her dating history: "I'm the eternal optimist when it comes to meeting somebody.”

Taiya hopes Monique gains "a lot of growth" from the retreat, even if she doesn't meet a romantic partner: "I hope she really fine tunes what it is that she wants within a partner and within herself.


Age: 53

From: Sunderland

Job: Safeguarding and welfare officer in education

Daughter: Tia, 24

My Mum, Your Dad: Sharon and daughter Tia
My Mum, Your Dad: Sharon and daughter Tia. Picture: ITV2

Sharon was nominated by her daughter Tia as she felt to was ‘finally her time to be happy.’

In terms of a partner, Sharon is hoping to find someone who ‘understands her devotion to her two children.’

Social media influencer Tia is hoping her mum finds someone who makes her a priority, as well as someone funny. "My mum is normally the funny one, it would be nice for mum to be with someone that makes her laugh for a change," Tia explained.


Age: 51

From: South Lanarkshire

Job: Tech advisor/ Scan assistant at a private baby clinic

Daughter: Karli, 20

My Mum, Your Dad: Caroline and daughter Karli
My Mum, Your Dad: Caroline and daughter Karli. Picture: ITV2

Caroline is looking forward to building new relationships and connections, whether they turn into something romantic or not.

She said ahead of her appearance on the show: “I'm a wee bit old-fashioned, I like someone that can fix things and do DIY. I do like a man that can cook, as well! If they can do both - it's a bonus."

Of her single status, Caroline said: "I've been single for such a long time, it's probably the longest I've ever been single! I've always been quite happy being single but I think [Karli] thought, 'Mum, you need to get out there!'"


Age: 44

From: Bournemouth

Job: Self-esteem and relationship recovery coach

Son: Kaliel, 20

My Mum, Your Dad: Natalie and son Kaleil
My Mum, Your Dad: Natalie and son Kaleil. Picture: ITV2

After trying online dating, Natalie is looking for a partner she can settle down with, having spent years building her business and focusing on her kids.

Asked why she thinks her son Kaliel nominated her, Natalie said: "I've been on my own for a long time. I think he thinks it's my time for me now. Since my last relationship I've been building my business and focusing on my kids. But now, I think he'd like me to find love."


Age: 47

From: London, lives in Bath

Job: Owner of decorating company

Daughter: Mazey, 21

My Mum, Your Dad: Paul and daughter Mazey
My Mum, Your Dad: Paul and daughter Mazey. Picture: ITV2

Paul is looking forward to meeting someone new who he can plan his future with.

He told ITV: “There's nothing nicer than both being on the same page and looking into the future as if it's going to go somewhere - planning on moving in together. I don't think there's anything nicer than that, really."

His daughter Mazey said her dad’s dating history includes ‘people who were at different life stages and their lives weren’t matching up.’


Age: 57

From: Nottingham

Job: Pastoral support officer

Son: Christian, 35

My Mum, Your Dad: Clayton and son Christian
My Mum, Your Dad: Clayton and son Christian. Picture: ITV2

Clayton is described as ‘fun, cheeky and energetic’ and is looking to find someone family-orientated.

Asked why Christian nominated him for the show, Clayton said: "He felt it's come to a point where I've taken a bit of a time out for a while, in searching for love or having a date.

"He'd like to see me settled with someone I could have a future with. He's probably thinking, 'Dad's been on his own for the last year and a half,' and he wants to re-light that fire."


Age: 58

From: Derbyshire

Job: Postman

Daughter: Jess, 28

My Mum, Your Dad: Roger and daughter Jess
My Mum, Your Dad: Roger and daughter Jess. Picture: ITV2

Roger lost his wife 18 months ago and is going on My Mum, Your Dad to gain some confidence.

He describes himself as ‘fun, loving and conscientious.’ His daughter Jess nominated him after deciding with her siblings it would be a good way to tell him they were happy for him to start dating.


Age: 53

From: Essex

Job: PE teacher/football coach

Son: Zachary, 21

My Mum, Your Dad: Eliot and son Zachary
My Mum, Your Dad: Eliot and son Zachary. Picture: ITV2

Elliot is looking to find someone who makes up for his ‘inadequacies’ and thinks his son nominated him because he ‘just wants me to be happy.’

Zachary said he nominated his dad because his father ‘deserves the opportunity to find the ‘end stages’ of love.’


Age: 47

From: West Sussex

Job: Singer/recruitment manager

Son: Will, 19

My Mum, Your Dad: Janey and son Will
My Mum, Your Dad: Janey and son Will. Picture: ITV2

Janey said she thinks her son nominated her for the dating show because he ‘thinks I’m undateable.’

"I've lived alone with William for all his life pretty much and he's now left home for uni, and just wants to see that I'm OK,” she explained.

She thinks people will get her personality all wrong at first when in reality she’s ‘the most sensitive person there.’


Age: 56

From: Birmingham

Job: Retired sports presenter and former basketball player

Daughter: Jess

Martin and daughter Jess on My Mum, Your Dad
Martin and daughter Jess on My Mum, Your Dad. Picture: ITV

At 6ft 10in, Martin is looking for a relationship that will provide emotional fulfillment. He described himself as a "likeable sort of bloke" who doesn't "have much of a social life", and that his daughter nominated him to 'get him out the friend zone.'

He said ahead of the experience: "Now, I'm very reluctant to share. I don't find it [as] easy to throw myself into it," he said of dating as a parent. "I'm very cautious. I've had enough of being hurt. I'm more self-protective."

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My Mum, Your Dad airs weeknights at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.