Avengers Endgame: Chris Hemsworth responds to the Captain Marvel/Valkyrie romance rumours

1 May 2019, 12:13

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Does Chris Hemsworth ship Thor and Captain Marvel? Or does he ship Captain Marvel and Valkyrie?

When the Avengers: Endgame trailer dropped, the internet absolutely lost it over the first meeting between two of the strongest Avengers, Thor and Captain Marvel.

Some fans were excited to see the two of them unite to take down Thanos and others were more obsessed with the slight flirty subtext of the scene. Where they showing off to each other? Sizing each other up? Planning their intergalactic domination with their strongest avenger babies in their minds?!

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Amidst all the Thor and Carol Danvers shippers however, there was a strong contingent that thought Thor could eventually act as the wingman for Valkyrie and set her up with Captain Marvel. The fan theory did the rounds and Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson added fuel to the fire, so we when he got the chance to speak to Chris Hemsworth about Endgame, we asked him about it...

So, does Chris Hemsworth ship Thor and Captain Marvel? Or does he agree with the internet that Thor should set up Valkyrie with Carol? He just "wants everyone to be happy". Bless.

So, will it ever happen? Following the events of Endgame, it looks like both Captain Marvel and Valkyrie (and maybe even Thor) are far too booked and busy for any romance. BUT WE CAN STILL DREAM!

Watch the full interview with Chris Hemsworth above and hear what he has to say about the Thor/Captain Marvel/Valkyrie rom-com spin-off.