CBB Were Forced To Check Andrew Was OK Following Shane ‘Incident’

15 January 2018, 16:20

Opinions were split about Shane's actions.

During a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Shane was asked by BB to stop putting pillows on Andrew during a playfight between the pair. Just prior to that though, Shane had pulled down Andrews trousers and attempted to pull his boxer shorts off too.

As you can see from the video above, the pair are laughing all the way through and Big Brother appeared to take Shane's actions with a pinch of salt, calling him out for the pillows and not the de-pantsing.

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But the viewing public have been split on the whole situation with many people calling for Shane to be removed, believing his actions were wholly inappropriate. It has also been revealed that producers decided to speak with Andrew off-camera to ensure he was ok.

Celebrity Big Brother - Andrew & Shane
(Pic: Channel 5)

Speaking to Huff Post UK, a CBB spokesperson confirmed that 'Courtney did not receive a warning over the incident, though Andrew was spoken to privately by producers to ensure he wasn’t perturbed.'

The pair have been getting on extremely well during the series and have built a strong bond during their time in the house, with many people claiming that this 'incident' was a bit of innocent fun.

But the whole thing created the biggest divide on Twitter where people were truly split over whether they thought Shane's actions were a bit of fun or inappropriate...

As Big Brother confirmed that Shane has not received a warning for his behaviour and Andrew reportedly isn't upset about it, it seems that no further action will be taken, but where do you stand on the whole thing?

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