CBB Viewers Demand India Is Evicted For Faking Her 'Drag Phobia' As Shock New Pictures Are Revealed

9 January 2018, 11:53 | Updated: 9 January 2018, 11:56

Well we didn't see this coming!

This series of Celebrity Big Brother has been a fairly lively one so far. From the all-female beginning to the newly introduced guys 'giving birth', we've already had so many great moments.

But for housemate India Willoughby, this series has been a bit of a rollercoaster. She's clashed with housemates about various topics and has been misgendered on several occasions by Amanda Barrie, but her phobia of drag queens has been one of the biggest talking points.

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India has had several discussions about gender and drag artists with Shane Jenek aka Courtney Act, expressing that she has a phobia of drag acts. Check out the video above to see India's reaction to Andrew's transformation into a drag queen recently.

Celebrity Big Brother - Andrew & Shane
(Pic: Channel 5)

The most shocking part of this whole thing isn't that India claims to have a drag phobia, but that tweets have now emerged exposing pics of the newsreader posing with a number of drag artists, seemingly having a good time and not being scared at all.

In fact, one of the drag artists who India met previously took to Twitter to reveal that India was chatty and seemed eager to take pics...

After the pictures and stories appearing to contradict India's claims emerged, fans were pretty furious and took to Twitter to demand that the star was evicted during the first public vote...

With the first opportunity for viewers to evict a housemate just around the corner, let's see whether this new revelation will affect India's popularity with the public.

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