Ginuwine's Off-Camera Comments About Ashley Have Finally Proved Their Romance Was Fake

24 January 2018, 11:07

Ashley James & Ginuwine Realtionship 2018

This is not what he said to Emma Willis during the show!

Music star Ginuwine became the latest Celebrity housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house recently and the majority of his interview with host Emma Willis was focussed around his on screen relationship with TV personality Ashley James.

The 47 year old R&B singer was quizzed about his feelings for the 30 year old blonde and he explained, "She's a beautiful young lady. We really clicked. I think it was what it was on the show and I'm waiting to see what it will be after. It was definitely a genuine connection - no pun intended. I'm definitely going to talk to her after she gets out."

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But his comments to the press after the cameras were switched off have revealed that not all was what it seemed between the couple during their time in the house.

Ashley James & Ginuwine
(Pic: Channel 5)

Talking honestly to onlooking reporters about his relationship with Ashley, Ginuwine opened up and claimed, "A lot of times we was doing that for the camera and to tease everybody that was looking at us, so no, nothing ever happened."

"I would never disrespect her and she would never disrespect herself. It was all in fun. We’d have a little peck here and a kiss there, but we was really doing it a lot of time to just mess with everybody who was looking."

Ginuwine and Ashley had appeared to build a strong bond in the house and that relationship did include them kissing under the sheets and spending a lot of time holding hands and embracing each other.

Ashley James & Ginuwine
(Pic: Ginuwine)

Fans were quick to slam the couple's showmance and took to Twitter to share their thoughtys following Giuwine's eviction...

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