Ashley James & Ginuwine's First Kiss Wasn't As Romantic As They Might've Hoped

18 January 2018, 16:55

It's actually happened though!

After what feels like years of Ashley and Ginuwine flirting with each other in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the moment has finally arrived where the two share a passionate kiss under the sheets.

They've shared kisses on the cheek before now and plenty more flirty moments, but this is most passionate moment we've witnessed in the house during this series.

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In tonight's episode, Ashley can be seen saying that she doesn't want to share a bed with Ginuwine and that she doesn't feel comfortable with the situation, but as you can see from the video above, the pair end up in a less than romantic embrace under the sheets.

The pair had fallen out in recent days but quickly got their flirty friendship back on track after having a heart to heart in the living area.

'Ashuwine', which should surely be their couple name, have had competition from Shane J & Andrew for most flirty pairing of the series, but this latest episode will prove that Ashley and Ginuwine are 2018's true love story.

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Whilst you;re here, remind yourselves of Ashuwine's prior flirting sesh...