Netflix viewers are comparing Ratched to American Horror Story: Asylum

21 September 2020, 18:59

The final trailer for Ratched on Netflix

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Ratched isn't part of American Horror Story... but it sure does feel like it.

Sarah Paulson and Ryan Murphy's brand new Netflix series Ratched has finally landed on our screens and if you're an American Horror Story fan looking to fill the void left by the delay in production on season 10, then this might be the next binge watch for you.

The show has shot the top of the Netflix charts all around the world and fans are living for Sarah Paulson's performance as Mildred Ratched, the infamous character that we were first introduced to in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

While it's not set in the AHS universe, fans can't help but notice the vibes and similarities between Ratched and AHS. It feels a bit like the lovechild of Asylum (the best season) and Netflix's Hollywood.

Aside from the obvious psychiatric institution link, there's the sinister atmosphere, the bold characters, the music queues, the grand locations... there's even a house in the first scene that looks almost identical to the Murder House. And a few episodes later, there's even a scene that AHS fans may find quite similar to a certain Asylum scene involving Shelley crawling up a set of stairs...

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Netflix viewers are comparing Ratched to American Horror Story: Asylum
Netflix viewers are comparing Ratched to American Horror Story: Asylum. Picture: Netflix, FX

A lot of people seem to agree that Ratched feels like it could be part of the Asylum universe. A remix, if you will.

Some fans even clocked similarities in the script, like when Lana Winters mentioned that journalists were like vultures.

In fact, the Lana Winters vibes are immaculate!

Along with Scream Queens, Ratched is feels like American Horror Story's glamorous Netflix cousin.

What do you think? Do you see the similarities between Ratched and AHS: Asylum?