Logan Lerman's reaction to being called 'White Boy of the Century' is hilarious

25 March 2024, 16:31

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"I'm honored. That's really, really weird and cool at the same time."

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If you've spent more than 10 minutes on 'Stan Twitter' over the past few years, you'll be very well aware of the 'White Boy of the Month' hall of fame.

Every so often, a white male celebrity will become social media's favourite and that title will be lovingly bestowed upon them until a new fave emerges. Paul Mescal, Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler. Jeremy Allen White, Jacob Elordi, Barry Keoghan...

But on a tier above that, sits 'White Boy of the Century' and in 2021, that title was bestowed upon actor Logan Lerman in a viral birthday tweet. The tweet managed to make its way to Logan's fiancée Ana Corrigan, who later put it on a birthday cake to give to him.

Now, Logan is reacting to that title – and his response is hilarious.

Logan Lerman hilariously responds to 'White Boy of the Century' title
Logan Lerman hilariously responds to 'White Boy of the Century' title. Picture: Monica Schipper/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images, Entertainment Tonight via YouTube

While promoting his new Hulu miniseries We Were The Lucky Ones, Logan spoke to Entertainment Tonight who asked him about the title.

"Is that what– whoa!," Dylan said when host Ash Crossan greeted him with a reference to the viral tweet. "What a moniker!"

"I'm honored. That's really, really weird and cool at the same time," he added, responding to the revelation that his face shows up when you google that phrase.

When reminded of his birthday cake featuring the viral post, Logan confessed: "Oh, yeah! My fiancée put that on a birthday cake for me and pretty much made me explode of embarrassment."

Elsewhere in the brief chat, Logan spoke about wanting to collaborate with best friend and fellow 'White Boy of the Century' and beloved "Internet Boyfriend" Dylan O'Brien.

Back in 2022, Logan expressed how he wanted to work with Dylan on a project, but nothing has emerged so far. Logan is still hoping to make it happen though.

"I would love to work with Dylan, he's one of my best friends still," he said. "We definitely talk about this, it's just like when that project comes around at the right time, I'm down. I'm ready. I'm sure he would be down, I think. I think he wants to."

And we will be seated.

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