Ariana Grande Fans' Sweetener Advice: 'Don't Pull Her, Put Your Phone Down & The Merch Stand Is A Frenzy!'

15 October 2019, 11:33 | Updated: 15 October 2019, 15:45

Ariana Grande fans share their best Sweetener show advice
Ariana Grande fans share their best Sweetener show advice. Picture: Getty Images

Ariana Grande fans share their thoughts about interacting with the star at her shows and urge people to get lost in the moment ahead of her final UK Sweetener shows!

Ariana Grande fans have been sharing their thoughts about the Sweetener shows, including how to interact with the 'thank u, next' singer after a series of videos revealed people grabbing and pulling her, as well as offering their top tips for getting the most out of her concerts.

Ariana Grande Responds To Fans Who Called The Crowd 'Weak' At Sweetener Show

Not so long ago, a video of gig-goers gabbing and pulling the star circulated online- much to the concern of her fans, who are talking more, now than ever, about the need to be respectful and calm around any artist- especially one who has opened about struggling with anxiety and depression whilst touring.

One fan who was lucky enough to meet the singer, as well as go Ari's show in August, @ghostinliz, said: "It’s really sad when people who have the chance to be in the pit for her show pull her about and end up hurting her, making it harder for others to experience [it]."

"If you do manage to get to the front... it’s an amazing experience, but if Ariana does reach for your hand please let go the second you feel her move and don’t grab onto her tightly."

"She doesn’t have to interact with the crowd, but she does, so disrespecting her and pulling her around isn’t fair."

She goes onto suggest that your energy in the crowd is just as important as those on stage: "Make sure you’re smiling and giving her the warmest most positive energy you can as it helps make the gig more enjoyable on both behalf's."

@ghostinliz urges fans to send positive vibes from the front row at Ariana's show
@ghostinliz urges fans to send positive vibes from the front row at Ariana's show. Picture: Twitter/ @ghostinliz

However, it's not all doom and gloom, as another video from a recent show in Stockholm showed Ari spending time with her fans, holding their hands whilst she sang and thanking them for being gentle with her, which people are heralding as the perfect example of how to act.

Many are hoping this signals a change in people's understanding of artists as human, with real emotions and the need to treat them as such.

Speaking to a host of Ari fans ahead of her final London shows for the double album tour, they've got some great advice and tips for anyone heading out to see the 'Boyfriend' singer live.

@reputationTUN urges people not to underestimate the 'frenzy' around the merchandise stand and says to get there as early as possible to avoid the disappointment of a sell out, and others advise you lucky lot at the front to turn your flash off and get stuck into the show.

Here's a round up of Arianators' thoughts and top tips to have the best possible gig experience.

@_ophelialove has some solid advice about making sure you get lost in the moment, telling us:

"I think the main thing is to enjoy the show, you always get the most out of artists if you watch and engage with them rather than through your phone."

"Be present, engaged and nice to people around you! Remember they’re normal humans, especially Ariana with her being very open about her mental health."

"I’m so excited to see her again, her vocals have been through the roof and I love the fact she’s changing up her hair, costumes and set list etc it keeps it nice and fresh for us and for her!"

@clarissa_lj advised people: "If your at barrier don’t just stand there on your phone recording, dance and have fun and interact with other people...don’t be rough with people [or] elbow them."

"She truly heals everyone and the atmosphere is incredible...[if she] comes up don’t try [to] grab and pull her, let them come up to you...She's so brave continuing touring and I know from [Manchester], everyone is going back and making positive memories because of her."

@starari97 gets an up close snap of Ariana on the Sweetener tour
@starari97 gets an up close snap of Ariana on the Sweetener tour. Picture: @starari97

@Ben_Campbell_ handily revealed the '7 Rings' singer hates the flash, with another fan confirming that it distracts her when she's performing, saying:

"Don’t use flash on your phone because she hates it and makes her feel horrible, and be respectful and if you managed to touch her hand do not pull it as it will hurt her."

Of course, you need to get those all important snaps and videos, but if she happens to walk by, dim that flash sis!

Above all, we know Ari has loved the Sweetener tour, especially those over in Europe and the UK- despite her personal ups and downs, and in the wise words of one fan, 'just cherish the moment', because it will be over before she and we all know it!

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