Harry Styles's NSFW Banana Necklace Keeps Making Appearances

15 March 2021, 12:18

Harry Styles rocks NSFW banana penis necklace
Harry Styles rocks NSFW banana penis necklace. Picture: Variety/ Gucci

Harry Styles constantly wears his phallic banana necklace that is always grabbing people's attention- so let's find where it is from and how much it costs.

Harry Styles loves pushing fashion boundaries, like making history wearing a dress for his his landmark Vogue cover- but elsewhere, he is rocking a banana/penis necklace all over the place that fans are almost as excited about.

In a video for Variety where Haz thanked everyone who worked on his second album, 'Fine Line' and earned himself the title of Variety's Hitmaker of the Year- fans couldn't help but notice the phallic-shaped piece of jewellery.

Now, the 27-year-old took to the coveted GRAMMY stage wearing the very same necklace (along with that open-chested leather coat we may never, ever get over).

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Seeing as these videos were taken quite a few months apart, it appears his affection toward the slightly scandalous piece of jewellery isn't going anywhere soon!

Never ones to miss even the smallest detail, fans were on the case and quickly hunted down just where the singer had found this out-of-the-box item that he rocked so effortlessly.

Here's everything we know about it!

Unsurprisingly, the necklace is by Gucci, who Harry has a very close relationship with (it was a Gucci gown he rocked on the front of vogue, just FYI).

The 'Adore You' singer has been the face of their men's tailoring campaign since 2018 and has worn their clothes all over the place, from the Met Gala, to on stage, the red carpet, music videos- you name an event, he's repping them!

The necklace costs $450 which is around £334, so we don't expect everyone to be clambering to buy it- that and the fact you can hardly rock up to work wearing it!

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Harry Styles fans in hysterics over his penis necklace
Harry Styles fans in hysterics over his penis necklace. Picture: Instagram @thisharrystyles

Fans are spitting their proverbial glasses of water out and laughing their heads off at their favourite singer's cheeky accessorising.

One wrote, "this is NOT a family show' and another said, "I can't with this man."

Guys, this is the same person who dropped 'Watermelon Sugar' a year ago- we really should expect it from him by now!

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