People Are Microwaving Their Beauty Blenders And The Results Are Disastrous

28 March 2018, 16:20 | Updated: 28 March 2018, 17:37

WARNING all make-up enthusiasts! Beware of the insane new beauty blender hack that many are having pretty dangerous experiences with.

The power of the internet has once again revealed itself as Twitter user Julianna Asouzu discovered that soaking your sponge beauty blender in soapy water and microwaving it will make it brand spanking new.



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Loads of people rushed to try it out and show the results of their blenders that were caked once in foundation completely cleaned.


 But not everyone shared their experience, far from.

It turns out, if you don’t pay attention to the very specific instructions and timings, not only will the beauty hack fail to clean anything, but as people have shown, will have pretty hilarious and even disastrous consequences.

Some forgot to put the sponge in water and have ended up with a melted pile of steaming plastic.


 One girl tweeted that the trick nearly caused her to burn down her dorm room?! WTF.


 Other users are warning against squeezing the sponge when you take it out as many have burnt their hands on the boiling hot water!



We've know that beauty is pain, but we are drawing the line at squeezing boiling hot foundation water all over our hands! We don't have this level of skill so will just spend the £3 replacing ours. You have been warned!

Picture: GIPHY

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