Off The Record

20 August 2019, 15:32 | Updated: 20 August 2019, 15:49

Off The Record
Off The Record. Picture: Off The Record

Capital’s charity Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support Off The Record, a small charity that provides free, confidential drop-in counselling and mental health support to children and young people aged 11-24 in Richmond.

Young people turn to the charity with a wide range of issues including suicidal thoughts, self-harm, depression, anxiety, relationship problems and identity issues.

Over the last year, 50% of the young people who went to Off The Record for counselling were self harming and 25% were suicidal. Off The Record supports young people by providing a safe and confidential space where they can explore their thoughts, feelings or experiences and work through the issues with a trained counsellor.

Jenny’s Story

The charity helps young people like 19-year-old Jenny. Jenny was referred to Off The Record as she experienced low self-esteem, low confidence, and she had difficulty accepting herself. Jenny felt she had no-one to talk to and attempted suicide on a number of occasions.

Off The Record provided counselling sessions to help Jenny understand her feelings and talk about them. Jenny’s mum told us: “Off the Record was a life-saver for my daughter and us as a family. She had reached crisis point after years of bullying and there was no provision for her to see anyone to talk to via the NHS for immediate support.

At Off the Record, she met with a counsellor who was compassionate, listened to her problems, gave her advice on how to cope and showed her that it was not her problem.

After her sessions she was incredibly thoughtful and emotional and was able to release pent-up emotions and move forward to a better place mentally. I’m not sure she would be here today without Off The Record’s help. I felt an acute sense of relief that someone could help her when I couldn’t. I honestly can’t thank Off The Record enough for giving my daughter a different perspective and helping her at a time of real need.”

Project supported by Make Some Noise

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the charity’s ‘Counselling for Young People in Crisis’ project which provides counselling sessions and therapeutic support to young people in crisis, giving them a safe and confidential space to access help early, preventing future suffering.

The charity’s vision is that every young person has the skills and confidence to overcome life’s challenges. With your help, we can support Off The Record and many more charities across the UK.

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