Will Poulter talks 'Midsommar' and teases Bandersnatch sequel

5 July 2019, 15:05

Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Will Poulter talks Midsommar, reprising his role in Black Mirror's Bandersnatch and more...

Sometimes in life you travel to Sweden with a group friends and get brutally murdered - and sometimes in life you sit down with a charming film actor and discuss their new, messed-up movie.

The latter scenario is thankfully what happened this week when the always delightful Will Poulter (from Black Mirror, 'We're The Millers' and about 56,000 other things you will have watched) came into PopBuzz HQ to talk Midsommar, the upsetting new horror film from the writer and director of Hereditary, Ari Aster.

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Will did his best to try and explain what is arguably one of the weirdest and most indefinable movies to come out this decade, and even let slip that the special effects team made use of a scale replica of his head, which was apparently left over from a previous film he had made. Hollywood, eh? We saved the more spoiler-y aspects of the interview until the end of the video, so have no fear, you can watch safely if you're waiting to see Midsommar.

will poulter midsommar popbuzz
Will Poulter in the PopBuzz studio. Picture: PopBuzz

The London-born actor praised the film's director and says the ambiguity of the film (why is a film that's so horrible so funny?) is what drew him into the script. He also said that he and the other actors were allowed to improvise and experiment on set - although he insists that his funniest lines all came from the director's "wonderful brain".

When we joked that the film would have been even better if Will had used his Bandersnatch voice throughout, the actor was quick to say that he would happily reprise his role from the Netflix special, or appear in Black Mirror again in another capacity.

He also said he'd love to work with Jordan Peele, expressing his love for Get Out (Will Poulter it seems, has great taste). WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE IT!

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