New Hope Club take on The Tower of Truth | PopBuzz Meets

4 October 2019, 17:00

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Do you wanna know New Hope Club's DEEPEST, DARKEST secrets?! OF COURSE YOU DO.

Not long ago we put a call out for suggestions for fearless bands who might be willing to take on the mighty Tower of Truth. While there were many great bands mentioned, we were flooded with responses asking for New Hope Club.

NHC stans, well done. You did your job well. And now you will be rewarded with sweet, sweet content.

Before we begin, we need to start with an announcement. Reece, Blake and George, we must say, are very nice lads. They're the kind of boys you could take home to meet the parents. If their parents are watching this, well done to you.

Secondly, they are very good at Jenga. The old lady tower doesn't suffer fools gladly, but the guys managed to make it to the very end (spoiler alert!) and were undeterred by her invasive and, quite frankly, very rude line of questioning.

So, hit play at the top of this video to watch New Hope Club take on the Tower of Truth, then head to our YouTube channel to watch even more ToT with Monsta X, PRETTYMUCH, The Vamps, Why Don't We and many many more.