Milestones Pick Out Their Fave Songs In The 'Ultimate Playlist'

22 February 2018, 15:01

Milestones. Picture: Press
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

From Panic! At The Disco to Katy Perry, here's what the UK pop punk quartet have been listening to on the tourbus.

As they prepare to drop their (very good) debut album Red Lights, we caught up with the boys in UK pop punk quartet Milestones to put together their ultimate playlist of bangers.

From Panic! At The Disco to Katy Perry and While She Sleeps, here's what Matt, Mark, Drew and Eden have been listening to:

Song Of The Summer

The entire Panic At The Disco album hahaha.

There isn't a bad song on this record, could happily and sit and listen to it over and over again! (Matt)

Best Guitar Solo

While She Sleeps - 'Seven Hills' (not really a solo but THAT LEAD TONE).

This whole song is complete genius but that lead is soooo prominent and hits you right away. Love. It. (Matt)

Dancefloor Banger

'Shut Up & Dance' - Walk The Moon

How can you listen to this and not wanna bust out some moves? Ultimate anthem. (Matt)

Favourite New Band: 

The Faim 

Doing some really really great things at the moment, really excited what they do next! (Matt)

Song You’re Most Embarrassed About Loving

'Pillow Talkin' - Lil Dicky

It's an ABSOLUTE BANGER but whenever I try to get anyone to listen to it they think the first minute or so of the video is porn and they get bored half way through because it's 10 minutes long haha honestly though it's the best song EVER. (Eden)

Song You Wish You’d Written

'Death of a Bachelor' - Panic! At the Disco

Honestly I don't need to say much more if you've heard it. Also a combination of I wish I could sing like Brendon because he just seems to have no limit to his range. I think his voice could get me pregnant and I'm a guy. (Eden)

Best Song To Have A Little Cry To

Hotel Books - 'July (Part One) August (Part Two)'

They come as one video on Youtube so I'm allowed two. These two songs were honestly all I listened to for quite a while when I felt like a complete stranger to what I was then feeling at the time. I had changes within myself, my lifestyle and my family and I could just at least temporarily disappear by listening to this. (Eden)

Song You Would Nail At Karaoke

'California Gurls' - Katy Perry

Because it's the only song I listen to when I’m smashed. - Drew

Full Album You Can’t Stop Playing

'Ever After' by Mariana's Trench.

This album never gets old for me, I think there's a song for whatever mood I'm feeling and it's perfect for those long drives on tour. - Drew

Classic From Yesteryear You Keep Playing This Year Anyway 

Recently it's been Every Avenue - 'Tell Me I’m A Wreck'.

I rediscovered that whole record a couple of weeks back and cant stop listening now! - Mark

One Of Your Own Songs We All Have To Listen To

Listen to the whole of Red Lights and please don’t hate it x - Mark

Top 3 Results In The Most Played Tracks List On Your Spotify

(Mark) - I don’t actually use Spotify, but my top 3 on iTunes right now is...

Counterparts - 'Bouquet'


Waterparks - 'Blonde'

Movements - 'Deadly Dull' 

Milestones' debut album Red Lights is available from February 23rd via Fearless Records. They will tour the UK beginning in March.