Mae Muller: 'Describe myself in four words? Confused but sings good' | My Life in 20

9 March 2023, 09:08

Mae Muller plays Never Have I Ever | PopBuzz Meets

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Eurovision 2023 star Mae Muller takes a trip down memory lane and shares her hopes for the future in My Life in 20.

Mae Muller is quickly establishing herself as one of British pop's most exciting voices thanks to her irresistibly frank songs. From 'Anticlimax' to 'Therapist', it's impossible not to fall in love with the 23-year-old's music.

After supporting Little Mix on their LM5 tour in 2019, Mae has gone from strength to strength. Not only has she released her critically acclaimed EP, No One Else, Not Even You, featuring the singles 'Dependent', 'So Annoying' and 'HBFD', but she's also gearing up to go on a headline tour in 2022 with dates in the UK, Ireland and all across Europe.

Now, Mae is back with a new Billen Ted collaboration and 'When You're Out' and it slaps. With that in mind, we asked Mae to take a trip down memory lane and answer our My Life In 20 questions. Read her answers below.

Mae Muller: 'Describe myself in four words? Confused but sings good' | My Life in 20
Mae Muller: 'Describe myself in four words? Confused but sings good' | My Life in 20. Picture: PopBuzz

20) What did you learn about yourself in 2020?

I’m impatient, but also that I deserve all the good things that are coming in 2021.

19) What was your favourite gig from 2019?

My gig! I managed to tour the UK and London just before the world shut down and it was the best. Also performing at the O2 Arena in a Müller yoghurt costume was up there.

18) What was the most important thing to happen in your life when you were 18?

Probably making the hard decision to cut toxic people out of my life. I’ve had to do it in my personal and work life, and at the time it was the hardest thing, but the most important for sure.

17) Who was your crush at 17?

The boy I wrote 'Anticlimax' about. I had a crush on him from when I was 13 to 21… and it took 3 months of going out with him to realise how he was not for me at all.

16) What can you remember about your 16th birthday?

I went to Wagamama with my friends, and then we all came back to mine and drank tinnies from Sainsbury’s. 

Billen Ted ft Mae Muller - When You're Out (Visualiser)

15) What did you hate at 15 which you love now?

I used to hate beetroot, now I kind of like beetroot… and that is on becoming an adult.

14) What TV show were you obsessed with at 14 and why?

America’s Next Top Model. I loved the drama of it! 

13) 13 is unlucky for some. Do you have anything that you’re superstitious about?

I can never step on 3! I don’t even know what you would call the things you don’t step on, but if you know you know.

12) If you could live the life of any other person for 12 hours, who would you be and why?

Benny Blanco looks like he has the most fun life I’ve ever seen so maybe him.

11) Who was your best friend when you were 11?

Most of the best friends I had when I was 11 are still my best friends now. My makeup artist is one of them, I’ve known her since I was 5.

10) Where do you hope you'll be in ten years time?

A Grammy-winning, BRIT-winning, world-touring, hit-making, happy, rich auntie. 

9) What was your biggest fear when you were 9? And did you have any funny encounters because of it?

I used to have the biggest phobia of lifts. My dad took me to Wood Green shopping centre and you have to get a lift to go in. I was crying and panicking so much that he thought we might have to go to hospital. We didn’t though.

8) When you were 8, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A singer, believe it or not!

7) Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of? How does it manifest in your life?

Gluttony!!! I can never just have one of something, whether it’s a snack or a drink or whatever. I eat an insane amount and, for the most part, I don’t really mind. Sometimes after a 3-course meal, I’m still peckish and I get a little worried…

6) You can invite six people to your dream dinner party, who would you invite?

Rihanna in six of her eras. 

Mae Muller - dependent

5) Name five things you can't live without.

Pasta, press on nails, Paula's Choice BHA exfoliant, PG Tips tea, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

4) Describe yourself in four words.

Confused but sings good.

3) Your top three songs of all time.

Doja Cat - 'Juicy', One Direction - 'Teenage Dirtbag', and John Mayer - 'In Your Atmosphere'.

2) Name two things on your bucket list.

Go to Bali, and somehow get into those apartments at the top of the Shard… I just want to have a look. 

1) What or who is your one true love?

My cat Snorelax. 

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